How to Extend the Life of Garden Furniture, Also in Winter

Introduction: How to Extend the Life of Garden Furniture, Also in Winter

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The garden furniture in principle manufactured to withstand inclement weather ; rain, snow, pollution ... but it's obvious that his life will depend a lot of how we care it .

In this instructable I want to offer some important recommendations when thinking about the life of our outdoor furniture.

Step 1: Protect Garden Furniture From the Sun and Rain

The sun is one of the biggest enemies of our outdoor furniture. Utra violet rays dry out and burn the fibers, making them lose all elasticity thereby breaking just in time .

Try as far as possible to place furniture in shaded and sun-protected areas. The less sun shine directly to the cabinet, the better.

For this you can use umbrellas or pergolas also give you shade, decorate your garden.

Step 2: Clean Outdoor Furniture Regularly

Clean outdoor furniture regularly . pollution, dust, bird droppings , corrosive agents are destroying your furniture at great speed. Try to keep the furniture clean as possible .

To do this, you can use a pressure hose , brushes, or cleaning fluids depending on the type of furniture.

Step 3: Protect Your Garden Furniture With Covers

The use of garden furniture covers is highly recommended. They protect virtually all environmental inclement, and it takes very little money to protect your investment in garden furniture.

Step 4:

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