How to Feel Out of Place (College Edition)





Introduction: How to Feel Out of Place (College Edition)

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A few tips to help out feel out of place the next time you go to your university's away football game.

Here is one such method... Paint Yourself in you school colors to show your spirit and walk though the tailgating region in front of the 90K seat stadium.

Just sharing some experience from an awful awful game (42 to 0 : lose). I know some of you have not gotten here yet, but one day this may be usefull....

Step 1: Paint Your Car and Wear a T-shirt

Paint your car. Be sure to make fun of the competitor as much as possible. But not enough to have a gallon of house paint thrown on it.

Also demonstrated -- wear your school T-shirt and colors.

Make a sign that says: RIP -

Step 2: Find the Tailgate

Find yourself on the outskirts of the tailgating section.

To help feel in place, find some of the local beverage and join the heckling of the competition.

Step 3: Sit on Wrong Side of Field

Finally - discover that your tickets bring you to the wrong side of the field... My school colors include black and gold... notice how the black and gold section is on the other side of the field... Can you feel the love?



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    You sat in the student section?? OUCH We had some UCF fans next to us in the Alumni Section, they were nice, but they left at the half. If you want to feel really out of place go to a UT game, you have to park about 2 miles from Neyland Stadium then walk thru "The Gauntlet" of UT fans/carnies. It Sucks!

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    lol,. i thiught that your yellow goal forks (whatever they're called) in the last piccer were/was a yellow text box, so i kept hovering my mouse over it, in an attempt to get it to disgorge its secrets sadly, nothing but me saying "WHY ISN'T IT WORKING!?" came of it.

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    i left school at 14 but if i go back il no what to do lol

    "Be sure to make fun of the competitor as much as possible. But not enough to have a gallon of house paint thrown on it." You had a gallon of house paint thrown on your car? Beuase i know some people in this area that actualy did have a gallon of house paint thrown onto there cars.

    yeah, its supposed to be UCF.... but you know walking around a little inebriated never helps coordination/spelling :P

    I think the guy with "go" was supposed to have a "k", but didn't want to offend the opposing team. ;)


    11 years ago

    The joys of college football. Did you play Florida? I think they are pretty good this year, didn't they beat Miami opening week? I live in Nebraska, so it is my civil obligation to be a Husker fan. They play USC next week, so it should be a good game.

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    hehe... we (U. Central Florida) were on the field... we were "in" the game... that was in no way "playing." :P But then again, we are not in their division (we're below them at the moment) and we're building (coach started two years ago). My freshmen year... We lost EVERY single game. My sophmore year - we won EVERY single game. This year - iono :P BTW: your glasses (in avatar) are still awesome.


    11 years ago

    thanks this is real um.. useful