How to Find Your Facebook ID


Introduction: How to Find Your Facebook ID

Ok, a few years ago you could find the URL to your profile picture to get your facebook ID. But facebook changed that, and people who changed their username ( can't find their ID. So I have this little trick. Its really easy. Enjoy =)

Step 1: Find Your Username (or Set One)

Ok, go to your account settings ( ) and look at the username box. If you can now find your username (look in picture) it should be in the middle of the page. If it is not set, press the edit button and set it.

Step 2: Find Your ID

Now that you have your username, you can find your ID! Just go to  and you should see something like the picture. You can check mine at



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15 Discussions

Easy enough -

does'nt works anymore in last graph api

Hello, I am using this tool for free: to find the profile, group or page id .

Try this :

Try this :

<a href=''>>>

this tool is still working!!

Or Just use this nice tool

Thank you very much. It is very helpful with me. And i just have found an easier way to get your Facebok ID, it can help you more such as finding facebook ID, facebook group ID and getting informations of member