How to Fix Samsung LN46C630 Screen Flickering Issue




Introduction: How to Fix Samsung LN46C630 Screen Flickering Issue

The Samsung LN46C630 TV has a known issue with screen flickering after the warranty has expired. Rather than pay $150 at your local repair show, fix it yourself in 15 minutes!

The fix for this issue is easy. There is a jumper on the power supply named JP852. If you cut that jumper, the screen flicker will no longer happen. I do not know what JP852 is used for, but apparently there is a service bulletin from Samsung for this fix. Thank you to Denise from an review (here) who provided the details on this fix.

Please assume this will void your warranty and potentially break your TV. After doing this fix on my own, my TV has been running fine since February 18, 2012 . I will update this guide if for some reason my TV stops working.

UPDATE June 14, 2012: It has been a few months and my TV still works great!
UPDATE December 31, 2012: My TV is still going strong. NO ISSUES TO REPORT!
UPDATE March 16, 2013: All is well! It has been over 12 months since I cut the jumper and everything still works as well as the day I bought it.
UPDATE June 19, 2013: Still going strong. NO ISSUES TO REPORT!
UPDATE February 23, 2017: NO ISSUES TO REPORT!

Step 1: Symptoms

The symptoms of this issue are mostly described as "screen flickering".  It mostly happens intermittently at first, then gets progressively worse.  HDMI connections start first, then component, etc.  If the user turns the TV off, then on, it usually fixes the issue for a little while, but it eventually comes back.  After a month or two, the screen will flicker be permanent.

The model fixed in this tutorial is a LN46C630K1F.  This fix is supposed to work for all TVs in this class.  I did see something online about this issue happening on other Samsung TVs in a different class and the fix was cutting a different jumper.

Step 2: Remove the Back Cover of the TV

There are 18 screws (there is a harder to find screw in between the two rows of component jacks).  A normal sized Phillips head works.  If you are leaving this TV on the stand base, remove the bottom two screws last and be careful, it just sitting on that base without any screws!  I recommend replacing the bottom two screws after you have the back cover off so you TV does not fall off the base.

Step 3: Find the Power Supply

The power supply is located where...  the power cord plugs in!

Step 4: Find Jumper JP852

Jumper JP852 is located on the power supply in the top left corner just below the 46.  It connects something labelled 'Input rating' and another labeled 'COLD'

Step 5: Cut Jumper JP852

This is easy and you can probably just use scissors.  Cut the jumper on the middle and separate the wire so it doesn't touch.  Put the case back on the TV and you're done!

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We’ve been having sporadic flickering for months. Was about to give up on this tv and get a new one...then saw this post on my LN46C630...and it worked perfectly. FIngers crossed that it’ll stop long term. Thanks so much for the post!


Question 5 weeks ago

I have a Samsung LCD tv flickering LN37A330J1D and I am also having this issue, however, JP-852 does not exist on any of my pcbs. Does anyone know the correct jumper to cut? (There is a J### style to the numbers, the p is missing)


Were you able to find the correct jumper? I have similar model with same issues. Thanks


I have the same. An LN40C630 also. Can't find anything labeled JP. Lots of JW's but no JP's. Any idea on what the 40" equivalent of the JP852 is?

Hi There

Nothing with JP, and only two digit numbers JWs on my TV. Any suggestion.

Did anyone give you an answer too this problem? If so can you pls let me know what jumper will work?

Hi there. I have a similar issue with my 40inch Samsung. I took the back off and looked all over the board for the named jumper. But all I can see is jw numbered jumperes. Nothing with JP, and only two digit numbers, ex jw85 vs jp852.

Is there a fix for this model, or does it perhaps need a new power supply
Any info would be greatly appreciated!


1 reply

Mike, did you ever find the correct jumper? I have similar model with same issues. Thanks

Unfortunately this resolution, while helpful, doesn’t include the correct Jumper wire for my model(photo), Samsung LN40”. Does anyone know the correct wire to cut? I already have my Samsung off the wall with the back plate removed. Thank you


Dude. We have been living with our tv flickering on and off for over a year! We were just about to buy a new one out of frustration, but we stumbled upon this article today. We took the risk and the tv works great!! Thanks for saving us $$$$$$$$$ :)

Samsung model UN46FH6030F- just fixed by cutting j854, so far so good

If my TV wasn't wall mounted the fix would have taken 15 minutes - tops! An electric screwdriver helps. Don't forget the screw that's hiding next to the coaxial connector.
I've seen the same fix for other models point to jumper JP854. Search the net for your specific model. Thanks.

Will this work on a LN55C610.?


10 months ago

I have the same problem on my Samsung PN51E450A1FXZA I couldn't find the JP852!!! Does anyone knows which jumper to cut on this model??? any help will be really appreciate.thanks

samsung le46c535f1w norvegian model cut jumper jp 852 worked fine. locaded upper left side

I have LG 55 inch tv 55lb5550-uy started flashing the screen in a strobe kind of way, I don't know what part it is but I have torn down. any help or advice would be much appreciated.

1 reply

Anyone had this issue with the P2370HD-1? Ours is fine as a tv but flashes on and off as a monitor with our mac. Similar issues? Resolution potentials?

I have Samsung 32inch LED TV.. model no.UA32J4100AR having flickering issue but I can't find the jumper.. pls help me


I have a UN46FH6030 Samsung. Took the back cover off but could not find the appropriate jumper, so decided against cutting anything. I currently resolve it by setting the backlight setting down to 1, then can increase it to 2 after viewing a while. However, it is very annoying and I am probably going to invest in another TV.