How to Fix a Nantucket Souvenir

I acquired a hand-me-down sweatshirt that was once a souvenir from Nantucket. I love Nantucket. I love sweatshirts. But I don't like to wear advertisements; I'd rather wear statements, jokes, and conversation-starters.

Step 1: Get a Fabric Marker

A sharpie will work if it's a laundry-marking, super-permanent kind. (Did you know that's all that Sharpies were used for in the past?) Unless you want to do this every time you wash. I used Marvy Fabric Markers.

Step 2: Use Your Best Handwriting

Write "there once was a man from" on a piece of paper and hold it over "Nantucket" to see where your lettering should begin. Then write directly on the shirt. Follow laundering instructions on the marker package. Enjoy your conversation piece.



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