How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Tank




Introduction: How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Tank

I noticed my upstairs toilet tank was leaking and water damage had started on the baseboard trim and garage ceiling due to the leak. I went to my local hardware store to pick up a universal toilet repair kit to fix the leak.

Tools needed:

Universal toilet repair kit



Old towel


Adjustable pliers

Socket wrench

½ inch deep socket

½ wrench


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Step 1: Shut Off Water

Shut off water supply line valve.

Step 2: Preparation

Remove toilet tank lid. Flush toilet and soak of water with sponge, drain into bucket.

Step 3: Disconnect Water Supply Line

Unscrew locknut toilet flush valve from water supply line.

Step 4: Unscrew Old Flush Valve From Toilet Tank

With a adjustable pliers unscrew old flush valve from toilet tank.

Step 5: Remove Old Flush Valve

Lift out old flush valve.

Step 6: Remove Toilet Tank

Remove toilet tank from toilet bowl. Unscrew bolts with ½ inch deep socket wrench on bottom of toilet tank. Unthread rubber and metal washers.

Step 7: Remove Old Rubber Gasket

Place toilet tank on old towel. Remove old rubber gasket from bottom of toilet tank.

Step 8: Remove Old Hardware From Toilet Tank

Step 9: Install New Rubber Gasket and Hardware

Install new rubber gasket and new hardware to toilet tank. On inside of tank thread rubber washer through bolt, than secure on outside with metal washer than secure with bolts with a ½ wrench.

Step 10: Reseat Toilet Tank to Toilet Bowl

Fasten toilet tank to toilet bowl. Thread rubber washer, than metal washer, secure with bolts with ½ inch deep socket wrench on each of the toilet.

Step 11: Level Toilet Tank

Place level over toilet tank to check that tank is level.

Step 12: Adjust New Flush Valve

Prior to placing new flush valve in toilet bowl adjust to appropriate water level height.

Step 13: Fasten New Flush Valve to Toilet Tank

Secure new flush valve to toilet tank with plastic nut with adjustable pliers.

Step 14: Fasten Water Supply Line to Toilet Tank

Secure water supply line to flush valve with locknut to toilet tank by hand.

Step 15: Cut Refill Tube to Appropriate Length

With a scissors, cut refill tube to length. Attach refill clip to tube than to overflow pipe.

Step 16: Turn on Water Supply Valve

Turn back on water supply valve and check for leaks. No leaks, your job is done.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    That's not a "flush valve:. That's a fill valve; the flush valve is the thing with the flapper. Also you replaced almost everything except the flush valve & flapper? The flapper is the most likely thing to be leaking!! The flapper is always the first to be replaced.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    excelente demostração de de instalação,muito bom