How to Fix a Loose Cush Drive on a Motorcycle for Cheap.


Introduction: How to Fix a Loose Cush Drive on a Motorcycle for Cheap.

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Many modern motorcycles have rubber cushions built into the rear wheel to reduce stress of engine torque from damaging other components during gear or throttle changes. Over time, the rubber cushions will begin to wear and will loosen up. This will allow the sprocket to move independently from the wheel. When this occurs you may notice clunky shifting, excessive and abnormal noise, a surging feeling when holding a steady speed, or abrupt power transmission. The rubber cushions typically cost between $9-$15 each, and most bikes have between 4-6 cushions. This video shows how I fixed the loose cush drive on a Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom without replacing the cushions. 



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    My Enfield Bullet has them too, the '55 model. :)

    I spose you could make a plaster-o-paris mold of a good one and pour your own.

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    I haven't ever seen an Enfield in person much less enough to know about its chain drive features. If you own an Enfield, I'd put you at the "experienced" level of motorcyclists. You've probably got a few of your own money saving tips in regards to bike maintenance. Most less experienced riders aren't going to start out on anything too vintage.

    True words those.

    The slogan is apt, Royal Enfield,making mechanics out of ordinary mensince 1910.

    Not sure. I just installed these. I've read about others doing this and having no issues after 10000+ miles. It's cheap enough to try, even if it only lasts a couple thousand miles.

    we have had an 1984 honda vf400f, a 1977 honda cb750 and an yamaha xj900 from 83. All of them had these. So...not that modern.

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    I guess it depends what your definition of modern is. The first motorcycles were made over 100 years ago. Even the '77 (at 36 years old) is pretty modern. LOL

    haha guess so...damn that would make a 70' brown bathroom state of the art LOL....