How to Fix a Ripped Ipod Cable With Sugru



Watch the video below it will give u step by step instructions on how to fix your cable. If you have any further questions just comhsend me a message.

Step 1: Get Supplies

here the supplies you will need for this project 

1. sugru

2. ipod cable 

3.  scissors 

4. pen (optional) 

5. skill 
6. ipod

Step 2: Putting Sugru on the Cable

1. you will need to cut open the sugru packet  

2. roll the sugru in your fingers for about 30sec. 

3. apply the sugru on to the cable by raping it around the cable ware the rips is 

Step 3: Making a Design on the Sugru

1. get your pen and start poking it in to the sugru so you this cool looking design in the picture above

Step 4: Let the Sugru Cure

put the cable somewhere to stay to let it cure for the next 24 hours

Step 5: Enjoy

enjoy your fix ipod cable 

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