How to Fix a Suit That Has Loose Threads.



Just a quick background on how I have learned this art. I served a 2 year mission for my church (in Scotland and Ireland). You wear a suit most of the time, and so wear and tear is common. I ended up with a few loose threads (mostly from cats and wearing a backpack). I was shaving one day and thought hey isn't it the same principal? Then I left my nice yves saint laurent suit out for the cats to attack so
I could make this Instructable (NOT!)

Step 1: Prevention

I would say the best way to get rid of loose threads is to prevent them from happening all together.
first take care of the problem. Don't be stupid and/or Lazy and not put your suit away or where cats or other things can get to it. You can also buy a suit bag, it will help protect it from cats, dust, hot lava (okay maybe not that last one) and keep you suit nice. Also helps with transporting.

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

Okay so like my self you didn't listen to that last bit of advice and prevent it from happening all together and now your here.
Well it really is simple to fix.
Tools needed:
1. Electric shaver.       I am using a Philips Norelco Speed XL it has three heads and works perfect for the Job. I am sure any three headed shaver will do the same but I am not sure about some of those foil shavers, so before you get all trigger happy and destroy your suit all together, it is best you test on a spot that isn't very visible when worn. It is also nice to have the bit that is for cutting side burns.
1 1/2. If you don't have the piece to shave the side burns you will need some scissors.
2. A surface to do it on, really anything. I used the back of my lazy boy worked nice.

Thats is it! minimal tools (the surface probably isn't even really a tool) that you probably have laying around the house anyways.
I still use the shaver for shaving my face daily, and I don't notice any difference, but there maybe some wear and tear on the shaver as well. So you have been worn (imagine me using the same voice as the Lorax)

Step 3: Cut Off the Long Stringy Parts.

So at this point you need to cut all the stringy parts off. (this is where the side burn attachment comes in handy)
It is really easy just cut it small so that the the head of the shaver can get it.
Not sure how it would go with with plain old stupid scissors, but I think it wouldn't be too hard.

Step 4: Shave It!

Now just take the head to it and basically treat it like you face. It might take some elbow grease but you will be able to tell the difference relatively fast. Use a circular motion or up and down, I some times put my hand behind it on the hard parts.

To finish my whole jacket it took around an hour, but it was really bad, those darn cats! They are so lucky they are cute.

After your done you can empty the shaver and see the belly lint looking stuff that comes out. kind of fun.

Step 5: Final Product.

Well by now you should have ether a nice and fixed suit or a completely destroyed suit and your very mad at me. I didn't mean for my YSL suit to get so torn up, but I think that shows my confidence in how well this works.

I really hope this helps you out. I think it is a nice little trick especially if your in a suit a lot.

Any tips or something you want me to change just tell me. I haven't posted in a while so I most likely made some mistakes so if you tell me I wont look as stupid to people in the future.


Also no animals were harmed in the making of this Instuctable.



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