How to Fix Power Button on BSNL Broadband Router UT300R2U




BSNL offers UTStarCom UT300R2U router to its broadband customers. This is a very good modem given its low price and after using it for five years it didn't give any problems except for one, its power button. After few years its power button will refuse to engage even if you press it several times. Its a toggle button, means once you press it, the router will switch on and  press it again, the router will switch off. This button is a DPDT switch, which basically means it has two switches made in one and are engaged by a single plunger.

There are various ways to solve this problem. One of them is to replace the faulty switch with a new one. But then again, there is a possibility that the new switch will also go bad with time. Another solution is to insert pins into the power button, so that it is kept pressed all the time. This method requires patience and there is no guarantee that it will work every time. So, a permanent solution would be to take the switch out of the circuit. It means we need to short the switch permanently. This is a very easy trick, all you need is a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

Step 1: Open the Modem

First, we need to open the modem. There are four screws on the underside of the modem, which are hidden under the rubber pads. Even after removing the screws, the modem will not open up right away. It is secured by latches on three sides. You will need a flat head screw driver to open these latches. Be gentle with these latches or they can break very easily.

The red arrows show the position of latches. After opening the modem, we need to do our real task, short the terminals of the power button. Here is the inside look of modem.

Step 2: Soldering the Switch

The power button has six terminals. We have to solder two of the bottom left terminals together.

If you have done everything right, your work is over. Before you put all the things back together, its better to test the modem. Just plug in the power supply to the modem and it should switch on right away without the need to press the power button. If its working correctly, put all the things back together. Also, you have the opportunity to clean the insides of the modem. Its better to use compressed air can, but if you don't have one you can gently wipe it with a dry cloth.

This tutorial can also be found at

Now enjoy your broadband without worrying about the power switch.



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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice instruction worked but in my modem when i powered on only dsl,ethernet,usb light glowing power and internet not glowing please help


    2 years ago

    08th June, 2016

    Dear rsohal,

    Thanks for this article. I had exactly the same problem with my Post Office Netgear Modem. There are a few small holes in the top switch which allowed me to poke an exploratory pin in to find where to jam it in the on position. There were a round hole, a rectangular one and a triangular one. The round one worked, so I screwed a small machine screw into it. Now the switch is permanently in the on position and works fine. I can use a switched, surge protected three way socket to switch it on and off or just unplug the power adapter.

    I was looking for an article to explain how these switches work - how does one test to see which terminals to solder? Or are they all made the same so that it is always the same terminals which require shorting?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    It is a nicely written article and I have seen the same problem with Nokia Siemens and DLink brands of DSL routers also. However I fail to understand why these guyz are using a DPDT switch. There are no two power supply voltages or no two separate circuits. DPDT switches are useful when you have to supply voltages - For eg - A led light load which has two brightness levels as the supply voltages changes. Or when you have two different circuits - egs. A dual direction DC motor. Can you please throw some light?


    4 years ago on Introduction


    hey if i Reset this modem via reset button at back, then, is i have to again reconfig. the modem ?

    is their any back up utility to save existing config ?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Isri,

    I think you have some other problem with your modem. Try hard resetting your modem by inserting a sharp object in reset button hole. These instructions were only to power up the modem, and it seems that your modem is receiving power. I have no idea about your problem.