How to Fix Some Wireless Connection Problems

Introduction: How to Fix Some Wireless Connection Problems

Sometimes if you are using a wireless connection you can have some problems playing online games...There is a solution for that, i tried it with some games like: Gunz The Duel, Call of duty 1 - 2 - 4 and all my problems (called "Spike") got fixed...I hope that this tutorial can help you too...(Sorry for my english, isn't my first language)
My Operative System is in italian, just look what to click (icon or position) and try...
The name of the application/service that you have to "Stop" is Zero Configuration or Wireless Zero Configuration.
You can also do that: Start -> Run -> Type in: services.msc -> Click the OK button...Find the Application/Service (Wireless Zero Configuration) and Stop it.



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    I only see 'Wireless Configuration' in my services list. Don't see anything with zero in the name. Is it the same thing?

    Hopefully they see this before they have a problem -- and remember it when they do. I'm just sayin'... Thanks Kual!