How to Fix That Mess, or How to Organize an Extension Cord

Here is a less that satisfactory pile of electrical cord. I recently Installed a drop down electrical cord. I was adamant to make sure that i would not come up short, and now that i have so much extra cord, I know I dont want to cut that down either...Luckily, I was at TechShop San Jose, where I had access to a plethora of cool tools that made this job a lot easier!

I opted for making a wall hanger from some scrap metal found in the scrap bin in the metal shop area. The piece of scrap was a cut off from a job on our water jet cutter (which is an amazing tool) so the edges were already sanded and are safe

Step 1: Bendin' and Drillin'

With my scrap piece, I used a square to do some quick measuring, and a scribe to mark my metal to where i would like to bend it.

I then used a brake to bend my part about half way down to a 90 degree bend. I also put a second slight bend in the metal about 1/2 an inch away, which will be the point that i later bend a further 90 degrees later when I mount this on the wall

I then followed that with drilling into my part with a metal drill press.

Step 2: Mount It!

I first placed my piece on the wall, and used my drill holes in the piece had as a template to mark the wall so i could drill a the correct space. I drilled holes in the wall and put sinkers in to make sure i have a sturdy hole to mount my piece into. I next mounted my piece and screwed in the screws.

Next, using some clamps, I bend the remaining portion of my piece up to make it fold back onto itself, I could then hang the cord on it.

A quick vacuuming, and I am done!



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