Convert Automatic Faucet to Manual Faucet




Introduction: Convert Automatic Faucet to Manual Faucet

Sometimes automatic faucet does not respond well to your hands. It makes us feel a little stupid waving our hands back and forth, or the water just stops for no reason.

For this simple hack, all you need is a box cutter and a small piece of cardboard. Laser cutter is optional.

Measure the head of the faucet and make sure the opening fits the faucets head.

Making sure that the bottom part covers the sensor.

That's all!



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    2 Discussions

    This is kinda strange. First one installs an expensive auto-faucet and then adds a manual switch. How about taking the cheaper version in first place?

    You will hate your device once your kids or some other innocent person left the lavatory without drawing the switch back.

    This is just so brilliant! I love it!