How to Fix Your Muffler With a Hose Clamp at TechShop...




What you need

Broken muffler
Cordless impact gun
Hose clamp
Hexagon socket hex head (5/16)
Car lift (TechShop)
Safety Glasses

My 03 Jetta was making a lot of noise coming from the muffler, with some investigation I found that the middle part of my muffler has a far amount of rust. OK so I need to replace it sooner then later, but for the time this is going to hold me over. I don’t know how long that the hose clamp will last, but its a nice temporary fix and it only cost $1.79. I also have to say that I don’t know that much about cars.

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Step 1: How to Fix Your Muffler With a Hose Clamp at TechShop...

When you are pulling your car onto the lift, have a TechShop DC help  you. When your car is on the lift, set the wheel breaks behind the tires, this will make sure that the car will not roll off the lift as you are working it. The TechShop DC will rise and lower the lift for you.

Step 2: How to Fix Your Muffler With a Hose Clamp at TechShop...

Once the car is raised on the lift, you can start to repair the muffler. Open your hose clamp all the way. Wrap the hose clamp round the muffler and hand tighten the clamp. Be sure to have your safety glasses are one, rust may fly off the muffler. With the cordless impact gun and the hexagon socket hex head tighten down the hose clamp. You don’t want to over tighten the clamp, you could do more damage then good. I was lucky and still had a part of the muffler that I could use to cover the hole. Have the TechShop DC lower the lift. Remove the wheel breaks from your tires, and safely back your car off the lift with the help of the TechShop  DC.

That is how is how i fixed my muffler at TechShop.

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