How to Fix Your Soldering Iron

Introduction: How to Fix Your Soldering Iron

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On this instructable i will teach you on how to fix your soldering iron. instead of replacing your soldering iron if it is not heating anymore even it is pluged, why not fix it, you will save the parts that can be used than to be disposed. in this lesson, i will teach you how to replace the filament of your soldering iron.

Step 1: Factors of a Broken Soldering Iron

first, you will need to know if the filament is the one that is broken. Because there are many factors that a soldering iron is not working, first is the wires on the plug to your soldering iron, you have to test it using a multitester or any method that you know. if there is no disconnection on the wires from the plug to your soldering iron and your outlet is functioning properly, then you need to replace the filament of your soldering iron.

Step 2: The Materials

The materials are here

1. NEW soldering iron filament ( the wattage of the filament may vary on the soldering iron that you will fix, on my soldering iron it is 20watts. If your soldering iron is 30watts, then you should use a 30watts filament.)

2. a broken soldering iron

You may use some electrical tape or tape that is designed for high temp purposes. In my instructable i dont use electrical tapes because my soldering iron has a plug in type filament.

sorry for the images, i just used my computer web cam.

Step 3: Removing the Filament 1

first of all, as i said earlier, test your soldering iron if it needs filament replacement so you will be sure that the filament is the only problem on your soldering iron. if it needs filament replacement, then my instructable might help you...

first step is remove the filament from inside the soldering iron.
in my soldering iron, i twist the handle and the trunk of the soldering iron on opposite sides to open my soldering iron. it is a screw type.

there are many steps to remove the filament of the soldering iron depending on the type of your soldering iron. if it have screws on the filament then you should unscrew it. but be carefull because the screws of some soldering irons develops rust ,and its metal is not that hard because of the heat that the soldering iron generates. you might destroy the screw.

Step 4: Removing the Filament 2

after you have opened your soldering iron, remove the filament by means of a cutter pliers. cut the terminals of the filament that is attached to the wires of your soldering iron. then replace your filament with a new one by attaching your new filament to the wires where you cut the old filament's must use electrical tapes or tapes that were designed to stand on high temperatures to cover the part of the filament terminals you attached to the soldering iron wires to prevent short circuit.

on my soldering iron u just unpluged the old filament and pluged in the new filament.

Step 5: Your Soldering Iron Is Now Working...

After you replaced the filaments, you need to assemble your soldering iron back. screw your soldering iron if it needs screwing.etc.

Then test your soldering iron.
If it works .. Congratulations, you can use now your soldering iron...

Regards from Philippines!!!!

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    3 years ago

    Photographs are out of focus


    4 years ago

    hey can u please explain me whats the heating element inside a soldering iron and can i make it................?????????????????????


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    you just need to be carefull, the wires that you have connected may have shorten,


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    no, because you just have shortened the wires going to the filament of your soldering iron right? you just need to rewire the components and test it, dont forget to put good insulation materials to prevent shorting...

    2 stroke
    2 stroke

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    every thing set on fiire i was working outside and i accidenty left it on on and took a nap and when i woke up 5 mins later the braker had tripped there was smoke coming out and the handle was melted now i learned m lesson about leaving the soldering irons unattended

    Thanx for help! Now I know what's wrong with the'special' iron that I just couldn't chuck. But the one in front of me...well, the tip-housing is glued to the filament, so maybe I'll just keep some of its parts.

    I completely agree - from my experience if your soldering iron does not work the very first thing to look at is filament. Replacing heater assembly is much cheaper than buying new soldering iron.