How to Fix Your Weak Guitar Hero 3 Strap.



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I am going to show you how to fix your guitar Hero 3 strap that is weak, enjoy.

Step 1: Materials.

get these. (and sorry the picture is sideways, you can still see it.)

1x guitar hero guitar.

1x old strap.

1x rubber band from a thing of lettuce.

Step 2: This Is the Fixing Part.

1. First double up the band then slide it down the neck.

2. Then put it behind the the little part that holds the strap on and down to the little spike.

3. Another view.

4. Now wrap the band around that little part until pretty much tight but not to tight you might need to take it off someday.

5. Another view PRETTY BRIGHT.

6. Your done now go rip Through the Fire and the Flames apart, I'm learning to tap the beginning I'm doing well.



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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    no problem, it helps allot when ever you point the neck up it comes off and in the middle of a song then your... !O!H! C!R!U!D!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    hmm, i wonder when someone will com along and ruin your... er ... rightness... period. i said period because if i put another period, it would look like dot dot dot dot, idk what thats called and not dot dot dot period.