How to Float an EGG

Introduction: How to Float an EGG

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My Granddaughter Izzy is staying with us for a while and is a budding Scientist.

She completed an experiment today to see if she could float an egg in water.

How she did this is in the video.

Step 1: HOW TO.



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    Density a good Czech invention right after robot ;-)

    A very excellent Instructable by your pretty ... smart Grandaughter Izzy !

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    Not until the first week in Sep. They traditionally break for Aug for the 6 weeks summer Holiday. izzy lives some 200 miles away so comes to stay for 2 weeks during the summer Holidays.

    We had a eastern man for a school super who changed our schedule to the best summer hot days and then went back east to ruin another school and later got fired there.

    Anyway our children have been in school for three weeks.

    Density, a great Czech Invention right after Robot ;-)

    A very nice instructable by your pretty smart Grandaughter Izzy !