How to Fly a RC Helicopter





Introduction: How to Fly a RC Helicopter

About: Science is my passion. I find myself constantly working on countless experiments, from low energy particle accelerators to good old simple electronics. I also like making model rockets, and playing cello.

flying an RC helicopter is very fun and addicting, but it can sometimes be hard to get started. I will go over the basics of flying. Remember that if you haven't done this before, you will crash a lot, so try to buy a helicopter that is shock resistant. the easiest type to fly has two rotors that spin in opposite directions. this balances the helicopter, and makes it easier to maneuver. so try to buy a helicopter that has two rotors. other than that, if you practice a lot you will get better. Have fun.



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    Ha ha, I have that helicopter in blue, except it doesn't say brookstone, I got it from JCpenny.
    I got it for $15.
    That little thing is indestructible, crashes onto hard wood floors from ten feet, doesn't faze it, I have been flying it for months with many many crashes and am on the same set of rotors, mine came with an extra set of rotors, extra weight bar couplers and extra landing gear, the only thing I have replaced is one landing gear.

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    Mine died after crashing in some water. It still runs but the gears/ motor got messed up so the top rotor doesn't spin fast enough to fly. If I get another one I am going to either add a small spy cam, or try to mod it to make it more suitable for outdoor use.

    The problem with IR control is that outside the sun overpowers the controller, you can fly it at night or when it is starting to get dark, plus the led's look cool, from experience though after it gets about 60 feet in the air it is to far away for the transmitter to control it, it will shut off and fall very fast, you have to catch it on the way down.

    I crashed mine in the sink, but it still works!

    They are fun, hope you find another one, if you put a spy camera on one you have to upload footage, and tell us where you found a light enough camera.

    Yeah I was thinking maybe gutting a key chain camera so that it is as light as possible and attaching it to the heli, but if it is still too heavy I will just put in one of my model rockets and see what I get.

    Yea, I have. . . had a key-chain camera and tried gutting it and mounting it on a kite, and running very fast, well it bounced along the ground very fast and doesn't work anymore. They are the weight of a AAA battery by themselves, so tape two AAA batteries to your whatever you want to put it in and see if it will lift it.

    Well I would replace the AAAs with button cells, so I am hoping that won't be the problem, and after removing the case and everything I am hoping it will be light enough but from what you said, I am not so sure.

    Well, my camera was a camera that used an AAA, there are smaller ones now, and if you don't already have a camera that you want to try I would recommend one of those "spy cameras" that are disguised as a Car key fob. They record to a Micro SD card, and have a built in lithium ion battery that charges over USB.
    I've seen people all over the internet take them apart and put them in helicopters, airplanes, and rockets. stripped down they weigh about 4-5 grams, you could lower that even more by removing the battery that comes with it and hooking it up to the heli's battery, LiOns are all the same voltage. (well all the new ones anyways)

    Oh, looks like they have come down in price since last year $10 shipped!!!! might have to get one myself

    sorry but I find this instructable kinda useless.... I mean, isn't all this common sense and the companies who make these try to make them as user friendly as possible. On the other hand, If you made an 'ible on how to fly a hobby grade rc plane or helicopter, I bet people would find it a lot more helpful than a series of pictures with a paragraph explaining less than the included manual explains : /

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    I am most likely going to unpublish this and start over. I am going to include more in the next one, but I wanted feedback so I would have a better idea on what should be included.

    thank you for your criticism. I forgot to mention this, but this was kind of just a precursor to a project I plan to do in the near future. I was trying to understand how these infrared rc helicopters work, so I took this apart several times to see how it worked. In doing this I also found how to repair common problems in this helicopter (such as one of the gears coming off of one motor making it spin and loose lift) problems in these helicopters. I also want to see what kinds of hacks I could do. I am going to make another, but I wanted feedback to know what to include. It seems that most people want instructions having to do with more expensive models, but I wanted to see how to make the most of these small cheap ones.

    After seeing your other instructables i'd say you are very capable of hacking one of these heli's to make it cooler :) good luck

    Thank you. I have a few other projects to finish first though, so it won't be for a couple months I expect.

    There seems to be most of the text (go over the basics of flying) missing from this.


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    this does not tell u much, especially how to control a Real Rc helicopter.
    them IR indoor helis are fun and good but dont require a 'how to' since they are childs play to fly X3.

    the real deal on the other hand (Blade CP for example) are something else and not so easy.