How to Fly a Toy Helicopter

In this Instructable I will show you how to fly a toy R/C Helicopter. This tipe of helicopter is a toy with rather simple controls. It might take you a while to get realy good at it, but, as with a lot of things, practice makes perfect. OK, let's get started then :-).

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Step 1: Safety First

Before trying this Instructable you should make sure that you do it safely. You should clear some space for the helicopter to fly, close all windows and doors and make sure that there is no ceeling fans or people around you.

Step 2: The Basic Controls

In the picture below you can see the remote controller. It has two main controls. The throttle stick and the direction stick. There are also trim buttons. Now, what do these do:

Throttle stick - This is the control stick on your left. When you push it up the helicopter begins to
                                     gain height. When you push it down the helicopter slowly descends until it lands.

+ Direction stick - This is the control stick on your right. When you push it to the right the helicopter
                                     will start to fly in a circle in a clockwise direction. When you push it to the left the 
                                     helicopter will start to spin in one place in an anti-clockwise direction.

+ Left and right trim buttons - If the helicopter starts to spin anti-clockwise in one place all by it self 
                                                        then press the right trim button repeatedly until it stops. If the helicopter
                                                        starts to spin clockwise in one place all by it self then press the left trim
                                                        button repeatedly until it stops.

Step 3: Altitude Control and Sabilization

Now that we know the basic controls, let's learn how to fly the helicopter. First check all the necessary things from step 1. Switch the ON-OFF switch on the helicopter to ON (the helicopter will start to flash when it's on. If not then it's battery could be low). Put the helicopter on a flat and level base (table, book, box, etc.). Take a few steps back and turn the remote controller on. Slowly push the throttle stick up until the helicopter takes off. Once in the air, the helicopoter will start to turn anti-clockwise. You can use the right trim button until it stops. At this moment it's more important to learn how to keep the helicopter at a constant altitude than to learn how to steer it. Try to stabilize it with the trim buttons while keeping a constant altitude. Practice a little. Now slowly release the throttle stick while keeping the helicopter stable. This will make the helicopter lower it's altitude and land. Now for the steering.

Step 4: Steering

Start the helicopter and controler again just like in the previous step. push the throttle stick up and stabilize the helicopter. If you push the direction stick to the right the helicopter will start to fly in a clockwise circle. Cool, huh? If you push the direction stick to the left the helicopter will turn
anti-clockwise in one place (if you're not sure about this then read step 2 again). When you gently push the direction stick to the right the helicopter will gain a small amount of forward speed. Doing this will also make the helicopter slightly turn in a clockwise direction (if you push the direction stick to the right too much the helicopter will only turn in a clockwise circle), so you should try to compensate by pushing the direction stick to the left. Be careful  though! The direction stick is a bit more sensitive when pushed to the left then when it's pushed to the right (it takes more time for the helicopter to react to the right direction stick command then for the left direction stick command). When you want to choose the directon where you want the helicopter to go then simply push the direction stick to the left. This will make the helicopter spin. When it comes to an angle that you like just push the direction stick to the right.

Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Experiment with the controls. You might find a stile of flying that is easier and more fun for you. I did and now I don't use the trim buttons as much as the direction stick. It's easier for me. The helicopter it self is made out of some sort of compressed styrofoam and the rotor-blades are very flexible, so it's pretty tough, but never the less it's not indestructable, so be very careful with how you fly it.

I hope this Instructable helped you and, ofcourse, post comments. I appreciate it.

Thanks :-)

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    44 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    My plane is not gaining height it is only on land even after full raise of trottle.


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    What is the abc button for


    2 years ago

    hey thanks now i can fly my own making helicopter follow me

    Prathamesh Padiyar

    3 years ago

    Hey! I had bought a rc helicopter and when I tried to fly it , it crashed and one of its rudder broke can u help ?


    3 years ago

    My dady bought an velocity mini helicopter from Mumbai and I don't know how to fly so it is very useful thank u


    3 years ago

    My uncle bought an tian yi xing helicopter from dubai. TheThe first day I don't know to fly it but this article is very helpful


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hai, i bought a new one form online, but it is mot flighing can u guide me


    4 years ago

    My helicopter worked good obly for two days......aftet that it's not making any flight just moving forward and to make it fly again?

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Step 2

    its a bad design if you plan on progressing on to better helis, like the e-flite blade lineup, when starting into better helis i was getting confused with my right hand (elevation/aileron)
    the full controls seen in this picture is all in the left hand on any 4channel or higher heli
    These small air hogs helis are fun but do be warned, unlearning that right hand rotation is hard!

    i have to agree and disagree, the design is nice but the throttle stick lacks the ability to stay at any spot so you can take your hand off the throttle and keep hovering.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Those cheap ones are great! But they have LiPo batteries, so if you compleatly drain the battiery...say bye bye to it, The battery doesnt charge after that.

    4 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yes, this is especially the case in those air hogs havoc helis, i have had more than one that have done that.

    Yah, I tried to soder a new battery and it worked! but if you do that make sure it is the same volt...or the battery will go boom!