How to Fold a Flapping Hummingbird!




Introduction: How to Fold a Flapping Hummingbird!

This is a fold I created, based off of the flapping crane. Just by doing a few more basic steps, you can turn a basic flapping crane to a flapping hummingbird!

Thanks for checking out my 4th instructable! If you have any problems with the folding process, let me know and I'll try to help you the best I can!

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Step 1: Preliminary Square Base Folding


1. Have a square sheet of paper.

2. Fold and crease on the green lines. (lines are to help show where to fold.)

Step 2: Making the Square Base.

Take two opposite corners and bring them to one of the other corners.

(Generally, the best way to understand this step is to rotate the square until it becomes a diamond, and taking the side corners and bringing them to the corner near you.)

Make sure you follow the creases you make.

Step 3: Preliminary Bird Base Folding.


1. fold on the dashed lines. Fold the side flaps first, having the edges meet the middle line. After that, fold the top triangle area over the two flaps.

2. like so. (make sure you only fold one flap on each side, not two.)

3. unfold the top triangle.

4. flip over and repeat.

Step 4: Making the Bird Base.


1. take the top layer flap.

2. lift it...

3. follow the creases you make, including the top triangle crease!

4. should look like this.

5. like this, laying down.

6. flip over.

7. repeat lifting top layer flap.

8. finish!

Step 5: Folding the Body. Pt. 1

1. Take the flap from the right, and move it over to the left side.

2. So you should have this view.

3. (Same as 2) Now, fold the flap up.

4. So it should look like this now.

5. Now take the left flap, and move it back to the right.

6. And one more from the left to the right.

7. Now, you should have this view. Fold the flap up again on the dashed line.

8. And you will have this triangle.

Step 6: Folding the Body. Pt. 2

1. So you should have equal flaps on either side (2 on each)

2. Triangle

3. Bring out the limb, you can do this just by gently pulling it out.

4. Flatten it.

5. Repeat on the left.

Step 7: Making the Wings

The wings are a fine detail in distinguishing the crane from hummingbird.


::NOTE:: the purple is the same as the green, i'm using purple now because of the old green lines that are visible. Pay attention to purple now!

1. Fold on the dashed line. (The best thing to do is to match the bottom edges together. See tags.)

2. Repeat on the other side.

3. It should look like this.

4. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Starting Folds for the Head and Tail.

1. this picture is really much more simpler that it looks. Just fold one limb in itself, so that the head is between both sides of the neck. (SO OFTEN... do people fold it wrong and have it look like picture 3. Which is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT right!)

2. Front-ish view of the head.

3. DO NOT do this!!!!!!!!! this is just folding the entire tip to one side, that is BAD! you have to fold it between the sides of the neck.

4. So it should look like this. Make sure the head/beak is really that large.

5. fold the tail down. Also do this in the middle-of-the-neck way, except with it being the tail.

Step 9: Making the Beak.

1. fold the upper flap of the head down. you should get this unless you didn't fold it how i wanted you to.

2. Fold the edges to the center.

3. Do it again.

4. Should look like this. (Sorry about the indecent folding.)

5. Fold the head back up!

Step 10: Last Step.

I apologize for the bad picture. Camera died.

Okay, what you have to do here, is fold down the wing. You'll see a triangle body. Fold it down, and COLLAPSE it. To collapse it, open the wingspan by gently pulling the wings apart. Then, push the tip of the triangle body into itself, so that the body is more natural looking.

1. Top view.

Step 11: Flap!

Hold on to the front and the top of the tail... Then pull apart gently. The wings should move in a flying motion. If not, crease the wing edges so sharply that the paper will curl. This should help the wings flap.

Thanks for checking out my 4th instructable! I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the folding process if you have difficulty. Origami is hard to explain sometimes, so i'll try to help you the best I can.


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