How to Force Bulbs Indoors.




Introduction: How to Force Bulbs Indoors.

This time of year is the perfect time to start forcing bulbs indoors. This works with many types of bulbs and will give you a wonderful surprise in mid January after the winter jolly is gone and the winter depression starts.

Step 1: Bulbs That Can Be Forced.

First you need to get your hand on some bulbs. No need to fear, Wal-mart usually has plenty this time of year. But what kind of bulb should you get? Here are a list of types of bulbs that can be forced:

Paperwhites and many others.

Usually the package the bulb is sold in will say if it is good for forcing or not.

Step 2: Supplies.

You need only a few basic things to force a bulb. Here is a list of necessary supplies:

1 small pot
1 plastic lid
some dirt
small shovel
3 daffodil bulbs.

Step 3: Pot It.

What could be more simple? Fill the pot with dirt, make a large hole in the dirt, place a couple of bulbs into the dirt a few inches above the soil and water. Remember to place the lid under the pot so you don't get water damage on your window sill. Also, don't put too many bulbs in the same pot or that will promote poor flower growth.

Step 4: Cool Period.

Some bulbs need to be in a period of cool to promote good root growth into the soil and produce larger and more exquisite blooms. Most bulbs that are sold at the store are sold cool treated and only need to be placed in some soil and they will grow. If your bulbs are not cold treated, place the pot in a cool, dark place, like a garage or basement until you see the stem begin to grow and some green emerge from the bulb.

Step 5: Display It.

Now that that is all over with, find a place to display your hard work. Once the bulbs are finished blooming, lets the leaves die all the way down, then go outside and plant the bulbs in a garden or discard them; for they won't bloom again for at least a year. I'll update this page as my bulbs get larger.

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