How to Get FREE Premium Cloud Storage Account (4shared - 100GB)

You're probably already using Google Drive or Dropbox for storing your files online. But how much storage space do you get for free - 2GB, 15GB, 30GB? Usually you have to pay to get more. Forget it! There's a really easy way to get 100GB of storage from 4shared for FREE.

Step 1: Install Citrio Browser

4shared is a quite popular file-sharing service, which has desktop clients for multiple OS, Androdi/iOS,WP apps and (of course) is available online. The Premium account will give you 100GB of storage space, remove ads, provide direct download links for people you share files with and several other bonuses. All you need to do in order to get the Premium account is to use the Citrio Browser (a Chrome-like browser with downloads acceleration).

It can be downloaded from the official site (available for Windows and Mac OSX).

Step 2: Create a 4shared Account

You can either your your existing 4shared account or sing up to create a new one.

Step 3: Convert to Premium

While using Citrio as your browser, go to the Premium page, and click on a Citrio option under any Premium plan (you'll still get an unlimited one).

You'll be taken to the account conversion page, where, if you're using Citrio, you'll be able to turn your free account Into a premium one.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Premium Account

Now you'll get 100GB of storage space and all of the previously mentioned features. This is where my music collection goes.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Before follow this steps, please google for information about this Browser.....I found this:

    Mr AbAk

    4 years ago

    Nice Ible ....


    4 years ago

    That's a great idea! Here's one for you. Check out my diy for stripping wires. If you like it please vote.