How to Get Half-Life 2 Weapons in Portal


Introduction: Open

Open Portal using the edited shortcut.

Step 1: Console

Note the now-open console.

Step 2: What to Enter

Open or load a game, then pause (defaults to ESC or Pause/Break). Type "sv_cheats 1", hit enter, then do the same for "impulse 101" in the console (without quotes).

Step 3: How to Use

Unpause. Use the number keys to select weapons, and press the assigned "left portal fire" key to switch. The Portal Gun is available under "1". On-screen notes will tell you how to use each weapon

Step 4: Enter the Fray

Fight some turrets with the Crowbar and Gravity Gun!



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    I have it for the Xbox, so...


    2 years ago

    how do you open the console?

    There's something even better than this: Use that cheat, but then use the ccommand "Map [ Map Name Here ]", and picking the starting HL2 map. Portal gun in HL2 :D

    orange box pc version theres also a way to load the portal gun into HL2

    its called garrys mod. you download & install the swep Handheld Portal Device, have hl2 on the same steam account and play on a hl2 map.

    actually if i remember its as simple as loading HL2's maps into portal

    would there still be all the enemies and allies like Alyx and the citizens?

    There would be generic sounds, such as firing weapons, Combine beeping, and scanners, well, scanning, but as far as talking, no. The classic CP who gives orders to pick up cans is silent, Dr. Breens never ending broadcasts are mute, and citizens are as silent as Gordon himself. But, there's portals! So who cares!

    Instead of loading the maps into portal or using garry's mod, there's an easy way to get the portal gun into hl2 and play through the game with it.  I, uh, don't remember what it is right now.  You open a GCF editor and move a file from portal to the hl2 directory iirc.  I'm sure google will help you.

    Here is a mini-tutorial for the "skin" mod in Portal to make Chell dressed in camo. first download this then go to computer in the start menu, and go to C:\Program Files\steam\steamapps\(username)\portal\portal. when you get the rar. file downloaded you should see a folder called Materials drag this onto the 2nd portal folder and start up the game! To remove drag the Materials folder to the desktop.

    You just don't wanna go into *thirdperson mode or look in a portal with 1 on the floor and 1 on the wall derectly in front of it with grav-gun equipped. Trust me O.O *type in sv_cheats 1 then type thirdperson

    I figured out a cheat for the zombies/headcrabs/fast/poison zombies

    do the sv_cheats 1 thing then for normal zombie type in "npc_create npc_zombie"  (no quotes)  for headcrab "npc_create npc_headcrab" (no quotes) for fast zombies "npc_create npc_fastzombie" (no quotes) for poison zombie "npc_create npc_poisonzombie" (no quotes) for the lols type in "npc_create npc_zombine" (no quotes) to rapidly spawn them type bind (letter here) "npc_create npc_(whatever)" EXAMPLE-  bind z "npc_create npc_zombie" (WITH quotes)

    follow the freeman. Gordon is right on this. it started when half life came out. But i give you credit for doing this. it probably will teach a few how to do this.