How to Get Siri Working on NEARLY Every Apple IDevice Including the New IPad(3rd Gen)




Introduction: How to Get Siri Working on NEARLY Every Apple IDevice Including the New IPad(3rd Gen)

MAJOR IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!: Paradox Productions have been seized by the FBI, or CIA, I forgot. Basically, this Instructable cannot work, unless you have 1) iOS 5.0.1 and 2) your own Siri port. Other ports are also compatible.

I have been scouring the net for a way to get Siri ever since it came out,but all of those suggestions I have seen do not work or do not work without an iPhone 4s, which is pointless since you might as well use the 4s instead of whatever device you have. Duh.
I am now going to teach you how to get it to work fully with little to no complications other than slight errors which are negligible.

First you would need materials: Next step please.

Even though this instructable is fully legal, up to the point where you get Siri, anything going wrong with your device,I am not responsible for.As long as you follow the correct instructions, you would not have anything going wrong.

Getting Siri this way is legal is because when iOS 5 came out, Apple forgot to properly lock/close their servers and hackers got their hands on Siri just by downloading the files of Apple's server, which is legally legal.
In which although Apple knew about this problem, they tolerated it because they really could not do anything about it.

In step 4, I wil ask you to delete a file which Apple put there specifically just to stop people from getting into their Siri servers if they do not have the proper clearences e.g. having an iPhone 4s.

I have not tried using iOS 4 to do this but I do not think it is possible. Any brave soul who has an outdated iDevice like the iPod touch 2nd gen may want to try and report back. I would give the person full credit for this part of the instructable. Thanks in advance.

Update 1: iOS 4 does not seem to work for me but I have heard rumors of people managing to add Siri into it. Maybe someone can give me specific instructions. As usual, credit would be given.

Update 2: Found out that Siri takes up about 34 Mb of RAM space. If you have any device with RAM space lesser than 512 Mb, I recommend not to install unless you don't mind the slight lag in nearly everything except for Siri itself. It is also recommended you use devices with apple chips, e.g. A4 A5 or A5X. You would get smoother performance but still, the lag may persist.

Update 3: After iPad 3 got its iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak, it is possible to install Siri into it. I have not personally confirmed this but there is an iPad version of Siri. As usual, people who help get credit.

Step 1: Item List

Things you would need:
1) Any device that can support iOS 5 e.g iPhone 3GS and above or iPad (1st gen) and above or iPod touch (3rd gen) and above.
2) Secure internet connection WIFI ONLY
3) Jailbroken device
4) Cydia (you should have this if you have jailbroken)
5) About 2 hours of your life +/-
6) About 30+/- megabytes of space on your RAM (you can check this on cydia's manage tab in STORAGE)
7) iFile or myfile (both can be downloaded from cydia but iFile is priced so get myfile, which is free, if you do not want to part with your money or you do not have other (illegal)repositories in your list of repos.

P.S. As of 3-April-2012, there is NO jailbreak for iOS 5.1 and so as of that date, only iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 works.
Personal recomendation would be iOS 5.0.1 as it has improvements and my iPod touch 3rd gen's Siri works on that iOS.

There may be some stuff I have not typed down here that I may have forgotten and may mention later so keep your eyes open.

Step 2: Firstly

Get your iDevice.
Go to Cydia. (You should have this if you are jailbroken)
Download Spire from Bigboss repo
Download iFile or myfile from either Bigboss or other (illegal)repo
Wait till download is done, may take over 30 minutes.
(That why I said you should run over wifi not 3G and that you have a secure network)

Simple as that.

Go to next step when done

Step 3: Secondly

Once all is done, including respring etc... open up settings, go to general and your should see a new tab called Siri. Enter it and turn on Siri if it is not on.IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT START SIRI AT ALL AFTER THIS!!! Or you would regret it. 

Then, open safari and insert this into the box :

Read the stuff there and install the certificate mentioned.
As the website says, put the link into spire in settings.(Spire tab should be just below the normal settings tabs and above the app settings tabs)
If you find no way to exit out of the page by removing the keyboard, do not hesitate to press the back button, it will automatically save the website.

Once done go to next step.

Step 4: Thirdly

This is easily one of the most frustrating steps that if gone wrong, you would waste 5-10 minutes of your dear life.

1) Open iFile or myfile.
2) Get out of wherever you are by pressing the back button at the top-left-hand corner of the app.
3) Keep presing until you get to a page named "/"
4) Enter a folder named "User"
5) Enter a folder named "Library"
6) Enter a folder named "Preferences"
7) MOST IMPORTANT!!! Delete the file ""
8) MOST IMPORTANT!!! Do NOT respring/restart/crash/go into safe mode or anything related to the restarting of the device or you have to redo this whole step.

Once done, as usual, next step.

Step 5: Last...But Not the Least!!!

Once done with the previous step, note that this step is THE most hardest of the steps and if something goes wrong, you may have to repeat step 4 and 5, which is this step all over again, killing yourself in the process.

Get to this website:

There would be a table just below the banner.
Go to the last row,which will show "Accepting new people" and a time beside it.
I recommend you put the website on your homepage/springboard and keep checking on it if you have no time.
Then keep refreshing the page until the time is about 5-15 seconds left.
Do NOT wait till Happy Hour comes out as due to the rush of people trying to get accepted into the servers, you may either get stopped,kicked out or just be unable to get in, thus making you waste time and your life.
Immediately activate Siri FOR THE FIRST TIME.
It should work then.

Next page for errors/glitches or trouble shooting.

P.S. Although people would say that this repeating of step 4 and 5 is unnecesary, which I agree, for your knowledge, IF you do not have proper knowledge of how Siri works and when or when not to do what, which should be for 80-90% of the people reading this instructable, just for safety and assurance of getting SIri 100%, just do what I say.

Step 6: Errors/glitches or Trouble Shooting

There is not much to troubleshoot but the only main problem why people cannot get Siri to work is because thay skip step 4.
The deletion of that specific file is important to the continuation of the installation of Siri
One other problem many face is regarding the countdown for step 5. It is important not to start Siri too early or late as you may be unable to get the proper verification from the server and Apple's servers and Apple would automatically reject and nullify your access to the Siri servers if you are too late/early or you may totally not even get any access to the Siri servers if you start too early, but if you redo step 4, you need not fret over your loss.

For errors.glitches:
1) You may experience slight slowness, only very very slight slowness that would definitely affect you, in your use of your device

2) You may experience constant hanging of your device. Just force restart if you do not mind or reinstall Spire. The cause of this is not really known but can happen in rare cases, do not worry, it only happens to 1 out of 1000 people. It has a higher chance of happening if you have an older, slower device. One cause of this error is because iOS 5 contains multiple conflicting system apps like notification center and multitasking that can cause some jamming in your device and since another system, Siri, is added in, more errors can occur to the point of hangs, jams and crashes.

3) Siri may from time to time say that she cannot work. It may be due to the paradox-productions servers not performing well due to an overload of people using it so just wait for about another 10-30 minutes before trying it again. To reduce such problems happening, please donate to them to help them continue helping you.They really need the money as the servers can only survive as long as the donations keep going in.(I am not advertising but just, as a gesture of thanks,please donate)

4) Rarely, you would get the error message mentioned in 3) for more than a few hours. You would then need to redo step 4-5. This is because rarely, you can somehow get rejected from Siri's servers due to Apple's interventions of clearing unauthorised people out of their servers. Just redo steps 4-5 and you would be fine once again



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    20 Discussions

    I'm having trouble with Spire. Every time I download it, there is no "Spire" tab in the settings. I get the Siri tab (which everyone seems to be having trouble with). But not the spire tab from step 4. Any ideas? I've tried deleting spire from cydia and reinstalling. Modifying and reinstalling.. Nothing seems to be working.

    5 replies

    Firstly, what is your iDevice running on?(5.0/5.0.1/4.0/4.2.1/4.3.3 etc?)
    Secondly, what jailbreak program did you use?(redsn0w/others?)
    Thirdly, where did you get Spire from?(Which Repo?)
    Fourthly, did you check properly?
    Fifthly, has this happened to other cydia tweaks/app/mofications?

    This is just the first round of questioning.
    Answer it and your problem may be solved.
    Don't and round two would follow up.

    iPhone 4 gsm (unlocked with gevey sim if that's necessary). I tethered jailbroke iOS 5.0.1 making a custom restore with Pwnage tool (on Mac) then ran redsn0w for the untether jb. I got spire from bigboss. I'm not sure what you mean by "checked it properly" - checked what? This has not happened with any other cudia tweaks. I deleted the After downloading spire ans the certificate, iI do have a "profile" tab under the settings>general. Below the Siri tab.

    But still no Spire tab. Like I said, I've deleted and reinstalled spire several times and still not working.

    Wait, you said you used a custom restore. What do you mean and is the restore a LEGAL one? Like originating from Apple in any way? If it is ot from Apple in any way, I cannot gurantee that it would work because Siri is meant to work on original devices.
    E.G. You downloaded the .ipsw file DIRECTLY from Apple. It would definitely work.
    You downloaded from a site that has been certified legal or that you have trusted it to be legal, should work.
    You downloaded from an untrusted/random site. I cannot gurantee it would work. Get It?

    Sorry, never realized you replied. What I mean by a custom restore is that I got the original ipsw from apple (plugged in my phone and clicked "download only"). I then proceeded to use pwnage tool (on Mac) to use the original ipsw and create a custom restore. The only things that this does is that it preserves my baseband (I'm using an iphone 4 on tmobile and need the baseband to be preserved in order to keep it unlocked) and installs cydia.

    So, yes, it was a legal/original restore - just preserving my baseband. It's not the ipsw that is failing here, it's definitely the spire tweak from cydia. Not too worried about it. I'd like to have Siri, but not a big deal to me.

    It is quite a dilemma that I have here. I have friends having all sorts of devices from Apple and after following these instructions, they have a fully working Siri. Yet, you are saying it does not work. Maybe you have to re-restore your device. You may have a problem with your hardware also. I am not very sure about the problem currently but I will check it out. As said, my biggest suspicion is that it's got to do with your iOS software and not the hardware. You can try restoring and reporting back. You may want to wait for the next jailbreak for iOS 5.1/5.1.1 to do that. That way you would not be stuck in a non-jailbroken device.

    not to be a advertiser but i run a siri proxy that has both paid and free options and has a WAY easier set up to this. more details at htttp://

    i will write an instuctable about it soon!

    4 replies

    heres the instructable for you guys. please take a look!

    Firstly, your server, at least the free one, runs GOOGLE servers, not real Apple ones.
    Secondly, I seem to have some competition here.
    Thirdly, you wrote your Instructable ONE DAY after mine, something wrong? Or you using mine as a basis.
    Fourthly, your real Apple servers need money. Mine do not, unless DONATING is counted, which is NOT NECESSARY, but recommended.
    Fifthly, you said your free servers DO NOT always work and is unstable. Mine ( or at least paradox-productions') is fully stable and as long as you are done with the whole instructable and you have gotten Siri, you are done. Literally. Only on very rare occations do you ever get an error of sorts.

    Basically, to sum it up, even though mine is more difficult to do/ complex, it far exceeds any other Siri look-a-like out there, because:
    1) Far more stable.
    2) Would work everytime, except for really rare occations.
    3) Free for full, real Siri.

    One last thing. I can possibly dedue that this guy here seems to have followed in the footsteps of one particular Russian group called SiriPort, which has a pakaged system like this guy has, not very original idea eh?

    firstly, and what? It doesn't require keys and who cares?

    secondly, yes you do.

    third. no, you gave me the idea do write an instructible.

    fourth. How do you think we can pay for our zippy rackspace server? Not many people are willing to donate! And dose your server have plugins? Nope. How about CUSTOM built ones? that's a no too...

    fifth. No they are not. And I'm not going to lie to every one like you are.

    and sixth. We WANT to make things SIMPLE for EVERYONE like apple dose. We ASPIRE to make sure ANYONE can use our service, even your gran. We don't care if anyone has done it before. We can be set up in EXACTLY the same way yours can. We use spire and certs like you, we just make sure its SIMPLE!

    One last thing, your English can kill someone in Great Britain (I am talking about 15th-16th Century here) and the you could be a serial killer in that age.

    "Getting Siri this way is legal is because... Apple forgot to properly lock/close their servers and hackers got their hands on Siri... which is legally legal."

    I walked into your house & stole your computer, TV, stereo, bicycle, etc. because you forgot to lock your door when you left, which is all, you know, legally legal...

    7 replies

    Yea. Just because you fail to put a password on copyrighted files, doesn't mean it's legal to download them.

    We all know that downloading music that you're supposed to pay for that you don't pay for is illegal in the US (not questioning if it should or shouldn't be, just stating that in the US it is). If a record company didn't password protect a server that had music files on it, it would still be illegal to download them.

    You may be right about Apple may not have been able to do anything about Siri getting out, but it wasn't because it was legal. It was a technical limitation.

    Ok, @lafnbear, You forgot to lock your door. Isn't that your fault? You cannot help it can you? Its not like you tell the cops and they say, the fault is not yours at all, the fault is the thieves'? Once something is gone, say bye-bye to it, end of story. Even if you do get it back, you would be guilty/embarrassed for life due to one single incident, right? That's why it is legally legal because you cannot help it. you cannot help that something went wrong due to your absent mindedness.

    @mrmath What I am trying to say is that Apple, for a few hours/days(I am not very sure), became a free hosting service like Rapidshare or Megaupload. I am not saying that a program cannot be downloaded because it is not shareware, I am just saying that people would get their hands on something you do not expect them to get.
    E.g. There is a warehouse sale, literally, you are allowed to buy anything in that warehouse you wish.
    Now someone forgot to leave a door full of lets say grenades, which you are not supposed to take, but you found the room unlocked and you just got what you wanted due to lets say the same guy who left the door open just so happens to be your cashier and in his absent mindedness also lets you go with the grenades, giving you a chance to wreak havok on the world.
    Now, when you start your bombing, can the cops blame you for doing this? Lets say you are in a country where bombings are shunned but allowed e.g. Afghanistan. Of course the cops would blame the warehouse guy, not you.

    If I leave my door wide open and you walk in and take my television, you're still stealing. I don't have to protect my property from you to make it illegal for you to take it without asking.

    The only difference between me leaving my door open and locking it tight is that if I lock it tight and you come in my house, you've also committed a second crime of breaking and entering. If I leave the door open, you didn't break and enter.

    Your second example is invalid, assuming you actually go and buy the stuff that wasn't supposed to be for sale. If you pick up something that is not supposed to be for sale, but is on the sales floor, and take it to a register, if the store sells it to you, you've done nothing wrong.

    Apple may have left the door to the software open accidentally, but you never paid them for it. It would be like going into the warehouse sale, grabbing a grenade, and walking out without paying for it, just because it wasn't locked up like it was supposed to be. It's still stealing.

    Well, if the Dev Team does not care, then why should we? And since it is legal, then why care in the first place? This is starting to sound like a political debate you know and anyway, jailbreaking was always a gray area. Anything regarding jailbreaking is gray. One last thing, I DID say that Apple's servers became a filehosting site for a while, that means you can simply download off the website/servers for free legally. You have downloaded from filehosting sites right?

    I'm not talking about whether or not jailbreaking is legal, but the legality of getting the files you're talking about. Yes, I've downloaded from file hosting sites. When I update the ROM on my tablet, the server that the manufacturer hosts is slow, so I wait for someone else to download it, and put it up on Megashare. Perfectly legal because they are not charging for the software in the first place.

    Then there's the Pirate Bay, which I'm sure you know was taken down because it hosted file that were not legal to download.

    The point is that just because you can use the internet to get to a file, it does not mean that it is legal to download it. Apple is clearly not giving this software away, and to download it and use it for free because of their mistake is still illegal. You say that it's legal. It's not.

    Noticed something dear mrmath, although lafnbear started this post, you seem to have been argueing for him. He has never said a word. It seems you have been argueing unecessarily for someone who has already obviously walked away from the fight. Eh? Trying to impress is not that easy, trust me. I meet criticism all my life. Oh, one last thing. You forgot that developers could download Apple files off the servers legally right? And these guys, the Dev team, they are developers. Notice that they are the DEVelopers team right?

    No, I'm arguing my own point. Before you replied to Iafnbear, I replied to him. You then replied to both of us, so I've been maintaining my own points in our little debate.

    Also, you are saying that it's legal for EVERYONE to download these files, which, as someone else has pointed out, are NOT hosted on the DEVELOPER site for Apple. The DEVELOPERS have password protected access to these files, and you are correct, it is not illegal for THEM to download the files, as they have (at least electronically) signed agreements with Apple.

    People, one thing I forgot to add is, as of 3-April-2012, there is no commercialised jailbreak for iPad 3rd gen. This is only applicable to people who have somehow or another got their iPad jailbroken e.g. the Dev Team. It is theorised that Spire/Siri would work due to iOS 5's previous useability to Siri.