How to Get a Chuckle Out of a Brit

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It's been a while since The Bot Side (c) Instructables Robot cartoons have been posted so I thought it might be fun just to show you how they are drawn. Old School freehand with pencil and a marker to ink it in. Some say skillz but I say you just have to poke your funny bone.

Please note this was just a rough sketch drawn really really fast and sped up really really fast in movie maker - I had to download a really fast speeder upper plugin - to get this finished. You will see that I forgot some details on Kiteman and the Robot that I added in later.

Sketching with pen or marker is twice the fun because you cannot erase lines, only adjust them. There were only upright crosshairs or guidelines drawn in with pencil for general placement of the characters. If you want to learn how to draw or cartoon, you break down the figure into its component basic shapes(cubes, blocks, spheres, pyramids) and sketch over it.

Think about what you want to draw and then draw. It's that easy, ok, I won't spam my easy button.

So let's continue our more than 200 year old debate with our friends across the pond, this is humor, dedicated to our scholarly scholar "Wat r u a techer?" Kiteman.



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    Saturn Vpokerstud001

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If you do, we'll find you.
    We're everywhere.
    Maybe across the street,
    Maybe at your office,
    maybe even in the same room as you at this very moment.
    For all you know, you're one of us.
    We see all.
    We hear all.
    We know all.

    About the English language, at least.

    Saturn Vpokerstud001

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much, but I don't want to commit Genocide. Maybe I can be a nice leader, since it's a different Natzi party.

    MutantflameSaturn V

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Old post I know, but you just made a spelling error when considering becoming a leader of an 'organisation' which insists on spelling correctly. You spelled Nazi wrong.

    How NOT to amuse a Brit --

    1) Act like an American -- OK, that was too easy.
    10) Discuss hypotheticals -- "You know, if you had given the colonies thirteen seats in Commons things might have worked out differently!"
    11) Show your affection for controversial figures -- "How about that Oliver Cromwell? He was your Abe Lincoln. Why did you restore the monarchy?" (PS -- make sure your med and dental are paid up before mentioning Cromwell around strangers.)
    100) Dress well and be alone (yes, I saw Trainspotting...)
    101) Drive like an American -- you know, on the RIGHT side of the road...
    110) Make snarky comments about beloved figures -- e.g. "I heard Churchill defected to the US", or (looking at a pic of the Queen) "Gee, Ms. Thatcher looks nice with that new hairdo..."
    111) Refer to Britain as Airstrip One.
    1000) Ask questions about the language, such as "Why do you spell liter litre and defense defence while Peter is still Peter and sense is still sense?"
    1001) Refer to Brits as Europeans. Just because they live relatively close to France doesn't mean they like it. I'm sure if they could move their islands they'd wind up in the Mediterranean or even the Caribbean. But only if they get to leave Hibernia where it is.
    1010) Use binary to make list numbers.
    1011) Attempt to engage in a discussion of ANY artistic figures from British history. For one, it's boring and besides, they know the subject WAY better than you. Their tormentors, er, schoolmasters, saw to that.

    3 replies

    This Brit would like to dispute numbers 110 and 111.

    110 - I wouldn't call either two of the three figures named "beloved". While Mr. Churchill is indeed a figure held in high regard by many here, Mrs. Thatcher and Mrs. Windsor are far from it. One (in my case) because she was a politician like any other and the other because I'm no royalist.

    111 - Many of us recognise this place for what it is and call it Airstrip One. I've been known to announce "Welcome to Airstrip one" in mockery of some announcements played as an aircraft full of people walked into Passport Control on the way back from Ireland.

    As for number 1001 - I'm inclined to agree. While I know people who declare themselves "European" for a variety of reasons... the EU is utterly corrupt, the complete antithesis of liberty and entirely undesirable. (Of course, most of those accusations can be levelled at the UK's leadership too, but then, I don't want leading anyway.)

    Nice list, by the way - numbering stsyem included!

     1100) Discuss that bangers and mash is the pinnacle of haute cuisine and indeed it is the finest cuisine ever to represent the greatest culinary masters of the British Empire. Oh, boiled peas, forgot about that.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great video...
    The punchline got a good laugh out of this Brit.

    A Brit who thoroughly enjoys the long history of banter and ribbing that exists between us and the Yanks. I was beaten soundly in one such language-debate while on a road trip with my favourite Yank... I resorted to "our language - you lose" only to be completely stumped by the response.

    I won't give details though - it's too good an argument for me to just hand over like that! ;)

    3 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     All I know about Brittania comes from watching Monty Python and Fawlty Towers...and Kiteman.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure how much more there is to know.

    Some hilights that may not be covered in your sources are our traditional sporting events, such as Cheese Rolling (high hospitilisation rate), skittles (far lower hospitilisation rate, though it probably still has one) more sedate traditions like toasting (as in drink, not the cooking method) haggis and many more things from various parts of this, the most beautiful of island groups.



    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sadly, the last government banned the cheese rolling on the grounds of health and safety. Another freedom gone!!