How to Get a Free Web Site (you Need a Gmail Account)





Introduction: How to Get a Free Web Site (you Need a Gmail Account)

This is a very easy instructable about making a website (for free) with google/gmail.

To the best of my knowledge this is at least semi-dated. I think that the steps for using the current program are very similar.
See: for current.

Step 1: Getting Started

log in and goto the top of the screen near the search bar and click 'more' for a drop-down menu. select 'labs' and then scroll down through the list until you get to Google page creator. I have included pictures to help you.

Step 2: Create the Page

After following the previous instructions you will find a page with "create a new site' in the top right hand corner. click it. Then name your site and press 'check availability' (you may have to repeat until you find a name that is not taken.) Scroll down and choose a starting layout, then scroll down more and choose a starting look. (you can change these later) now all you have to do is click on the parts of the page that say stuff like 'click here to enter your page's title', and enter names in ENGLISH, NOT HTML. There are pictures to help you.

Step 3: Stuff to Mess With and Publishing.

There are many thing you can do to your page, so i'll start with the (in my opinion) most useful stuff.

-Image key, click here to upload your pictures. After that just click and drag them around the page.

-Link key, just click and enter the location of the item and then what you want to call the link (its the same on instructables)

-Text editing keys, these don't really need an explanation.

-Align text keys, these simply align the text.

-the publish key, press once you are ready to publish.

Once again follow the pictures if you need help.

Step 4: The End....

Well its very easy to mess with and build easy web sites, so you should be able to make your own websites quickly. check out My Pagethat i made to help people with runescape... (yeah its kinda bad.. i never really finished it)



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Guys, you dont need to go through all these stages.

The best way of creating you own website is to choose one of those platforms There are Three important adventages: too easy to make your first website using those platform( those platforms are easier then famous Wordpress), most of them are free, without price, and the third - no Html and Css code!

As for me, i created my first own website on Jimdo Platform.

With the best regards,


How did you make your website a .com site with google?

I own a virtual airline and wanna switch hosts, but i want a .com name not a (i just made that part up btw.)

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Hi sokamiwohali, i am Merry Harris I want Increase my web site visitor and Google PR please suggest me
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eep. I completely forgot about this ible... been a while since i've been on the site.

To the best of my knowledge, Google changed this so that you now have

And it may use a slightly different online editor for it.

After four years, I have to admit that I can't even remember what the address was specifically..... though I believe it was

http://NAMEHERE.googlepages(or the 'stupidstuff' that you are reffering to).com

Basically, I'm fairly sure that this was changed in the past, probably around the time I 'took a break' from 'ibles.

And, i'm also fairly sure that it wasn't a name, I think that title on the page was supposed to be for a screenshot and it never got changed.

ahhh i c. well i figured out how to get the websites started, and using the editor isnt a problem. i actually started 3 websites last night!

Ah ok, very nice. sorry I can't help more... took me a while just to find the current site editor.... looks like it got hit with the new google changes as well.

The site is very nice, but it has a room for improvement.

Perhaps it could be more organized and have sections that show the highest rated instructable(s) for that category  (ie: a 'Microsoft Windows' section containing only, highly rated,  'ibles pertaining to 'Microsoft Windows').

However I must request that you do not use this Instructable as a place to post about how many 'hits' your site gets, please use a forum or a blog for that.

this Instructable is now invalid since google page creator is no longer taking sign-ups. If you want to make a web page with google use google sites.

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yeah they both are you find it the same way as my guide but you find the sites instead of pages.....

hey im starting a website and how do u get a spot where people who are looking at the site to add stuff? (like my space or wikapedia)

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When I went to sign up it said they no longer accept new users so I guess you can't use this to make a website anymore unless you're already signed up

i have to type blahblah.blah/blah/ i wunt to type just help!!!