How to Get a Realistic Metal Effect on Your Armour

In this one I will show you how we got the paint effect on the Helmet. Very easy and quick to do A great fun project to make armour panels or even whole pieces.

Step 1:

You will need
1. A sponge
2. Black acrylic paint
3. Treasured silver gilding cream (Rub&buff) is also good
4.Your piece you want to paint
5. Tissue or a clean cloth you don't mind loosing.

Step 2: Base Coating It Black

If your want the effect I got you need to base coat your piece black. But you can coat it what ever you want. I found that black works really well. we will be dry brushing later and this helps to make areas you miss look like shadow.

Using your sponge dab on your black paint covering the whole piece. we use a sponge to stop the appearance of brush strokes. At the end if you have missed any deep spots you can get them with the brush.

Make sure you leave it to dry fully your piece should now be all black

Step 3: The Metal Panels

So now we are going to use the gilding cream. This stuff is a great product and once applied you can actually buff it to make it shine more.

wrap some of the tissue around your finger and dab it in the Gilding cream.

now wipe it straight onto the metal panel you'll be painting. Moving your finger in a circular motion spread out the gilding cream making sure to coat it evenly. A little goes a long way with this stuff so dont go overboard. When you are happy with the covering move onto the next step.

Step 4: The Scales

Now to do the scales

take your tissue again wrap it around your finger this time after you dip it in your gilding cream find a scrap of paper and rub some of it of. You just want a very light coating for the scales as your only trying to highlight the peaks and high areas.

Moving from the bottom of the scales to the point of the scales lightly brush the edges. As you do the the cream will come of and it will leave the edges looking like metal.

do this over your whole piece untill you are happy with the effect.

Step 5: Finishing

Its note worthy that the more Gilding cream you use the newer your piece will look so bare that i mind as you go.

leave it for 24 hours then go back with a clean cloth and give your panels a quick buff this will seal in the gilding cream and stop it rubbing of.

continue on your whole suit and your done.

Enjoy guys I hope it helps some one.



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    connoisseur studio. Honestly though this stuff is all pretty much the same. What I can recomend is getting some gold and silver and mixing it together. if you have more silver you get a warmer colour. If you have more gold you get a really nice antique picture frame look


    3 years ago

    I'm not sure if you published this early. I would love to see more steps written out.

    1 reply

    I wasnt going to do a step by step as I have the video but since its been requested ill type it up for you. On my last video it was suggested I include a list of what you need so I was just putting that in.


    3 years ago

    Word Spidey... Word.