How to Get Anyone to Lock Themselves Out of Their Own House! PRANK

Introduction: How to Get Anyone to Lock Themselves Out of Their Own House! PRANK

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As the title states, I'm going to show you a cool way you can get one of your buddies to lock themselves out of their own home. It's a really good prank idea for April Fool's Day.

Not much is needed for this prank, just about a foot of string or floss and some tape it's very easy to set up, lets get started...

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Step 1: The Set Up

In order to get started first you must lure your friend outside but make sure he or she isn't carrying the keys to their house. Ask to use the restroom, go in and quickly do the following two steps, it's important that your friend stays outside though.

STEP 1- Tape one end of the string to the top lock

STEP 2- The other end you will tape to the door knob below

You can either shut the door or slowly close it but not fully before you get out of the house, it's important your friend sees this so he or she doesn't suspect a thing.

Step 2: PRANK TIME!!!

Alright now that you've set up the prank, just watch your friend try to come into their house only to lock themselves out instead.

It's funny how this works because it's all about the door knob, once it's turned it will pull the string enabling the lock above. Gotta love that mechanism.

Another funny thing about this is that your prank victim will actually here the door locking so they'll know not to point fingers at you for accidentally locking the door on your way out. That's pretty much it, it's ok to be a little mean to your friend and family on April 1st.

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Check out the video tutorial for further details and demonstration of how to set up this prank.

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