How to Get Free GPS on Your Phone





Introduction: How to Get Free GPS on Your Phone

If you have ever played with the Google search page, you might know they have special things you can download on your cell phone.  All you need is a computer, and a phone with internet.

Step 1: Sending the Message to Your Phone

On the google home page, there are a few tabs such as videos, images, etc.  Click on the one labeled MORE and a tab will pop out.  click on EVEN MORE.  Once you're on that page, scroll down to   MAPS FOR MOBILE.  click SEND TO PHONE.  Enter your phone # and select your country.  then click SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR PHONE.
------------Here's the link to the page-

Step 2: Downloading the File

The message sent to your phone is a hyperlink.  Click on it.  A new page will come up. Click INSTALL NOW.  this will be downloaded to your applications folder on your phone.

Step 3: Using the GPS

A map should appear on your phone.  Press the button on your phone under MENU.  Select get directions.  Type in your starting location and your ending location then press GET DIRECTIONS.
And there you have it,  FREE NAVIGATION!!!!!!!              Also, you can change the type of map, save favorites, and even see traffic!  Also, if you have a phone pictured on the Google maps for mobile page,  start up google maps on your phone and in the menu tab , click HELP.  Scroll down to my location(Beta) and select it.  Google maps will locate your Position with a blue dot.  With this, you don't have to find a street sign and type it in.  I hope you found this page useful and thank you for checking this out.  made 4/13/2010     Google



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    11 Discussions

    Shouldn't this article be called "How to get free maps on your phone"?

    It would be a GPS-like function if your phone would indicate your own current position on the map. Which is technically possible, by using the wireless cell info, but with far less accuracy than real GPS.

    2 replies

    Of course every cell phone sold in the USA has a GPS receiver for some years now. Nothing GPS-like about this all, it IS GPS. Google does provide a fall back to triangulation, if the GPS isn't functional, but it isn't the default operating mode.

    I guess so but it does enable a navigation function so you don't have to pay your phone company for it.

    Best as I can tell there will be data charges from your carrier to download the maps from Google. I couldn't give this a test drive, because for some reason I can't use the data feature today, I can't call customer service until Monday. Here one can find other free applications that use the GPS receiver in the cell phone. I hadn't look them over too closely maybere there are some that use maps stored in the phone memory, so a data connection wouldn't be needed, but that would be really limited. Whole Google has some nice features, for simple mapping a dedicated GPS unit may be less expensive in the long run.

    You will still need a data plan though. So, if you already have a data plan, then there are more options for free GPS software....

    1 reply

    Truth is, the Google mobile maps application has a function, to get information about GSM towers position. Tower has a unike number, Google has a database with positions. So, if you dont have a GPS chip in your phone, you can get some approximate position. There are few problems though. Precision will not be the 10m GPS like, but rather some 100m in a city, few kilometers in countryside. And not all phone models can be used with that. Either cause Google havent made software for each phone modem, or that all phone modems do not have same functionality. SE W550i does not allow this pseodoGPS.

    1 reply

    As mentioned in step 3, only the phones on the google maps for mobile page can acess the my location app. I suggest you watch the video on the maps for mobile page. It explains it better than me : )

    You can't download GPS as software, the device has it already, or it doesn't.