How to Get Free PCB From Old Computerhardware


Introduction: How to Get Free PCB From Old Computerhardware

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Today I was in need of a PCB, but couldnt find any more. So I decided to get one for free of my old computer hardware and searched the old rubbish.

Step 1: Search for a Usable PCB and Desolder

After I found a good one and I desoldered all unwanted parts. But I left the socket so i can hook up the whole thing easily.

Step 2: Finish

Now you can look at brand new desoldered PCB thats ready for use.

A german version of this instructable can be found here / Eine deutsche Version der Anleitung finden Sie hier:



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    6 Discussions

    So, why do you waste time and comment it????

    To recycle a pcb is not waste of time - its reycling of waste!

    That's wierd, you desolder everything to have the pcb. but to do what ? every pcb have only one application right ?

    1 reply

    It doesnt matter what application it was made for. I will make another sensor circuit with it. Watch & learn ;)