How to Get Free Copy's of Hl2:dm, Hl2: Lost Coast, and Portal: First Slice. (nvidia Users Only)



This instructable will show you how to get free copies of hl2:dm and hl2: lost coast note: this will only work if you have an nvidia card in your computer and it only works once.

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Step 1: Verify...

go to and click (get it now)

Step 2: Download Steam...

A window will pop up and ask if you have steam. if you do say yes if you don't say no and it will start to download pretty straight forward

Step 3: Install Games...

When your done installing steam it will automatically install and it may take a while due to band with and internet speed so you might want to set it up to install before you go to work or school.

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      2 Discussions

      lol so thats how i got those games i had bought hl2 which cam with dm but i dint know how i got portal


      10 years ago on Step 3

      Oh great. I've already heard about this but I forgot about it. Thanks, I'm just installing the games.