How to Get Free Eletronic Samples

Introduction: How to Get Free Eletronic Samples

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Hi.In this tutorial I will show you how to get free eletronic samples.It is not scam.Right now i got 8 white leds,16 1kohm 1w resistor and more is coming.For Croatia it takes 3-5 days to come from Germany.Shipping is free so you get what you want for free.But dont ask for like 1000 of leds you wont get them.Only ask them for how much do you need.Lets get started.

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Step 1:

Go to and register.To register click on "Your Account".It is located all way down.Type in your real info,they will need adress to know where they need to ship to.

Step 2:

After you registered and vertified email login clicking on same button again "Your Account".Now we need to find items that we can get for free.Right now you can get some LEDs and resistors.

Clik on "Products" tab and chose subcategory of what you want.I will focus on LEDs now.

In LEDs we have a lot of categories but i will try to get 3mm ones.

Step 3:

After you chosen item that you want fill in the "Sample Request" whith real data.

And click on Submit Request.And on next page vertify data and agaun click on Submit Request.

And you are done.Just dont order too much and you will get the items.You will get it in nice plastic bag whith documentation.

Hope you liked this tut.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Watch out for "engineering samples" -- they look like the real things but don't work. Basically used for physical mockups and layouts, non-functional. Occasionally put back into the supply chain by bad eBay sellers. If you get them, don't cry about it :)

    Also -- if you keep doing this, the companies will stop sending you samples, because you just take the free stuff and never follow up with a real order :) The whole point of the samples is to entice you to buy more of them, if you find them useful for your design.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I typed that

    "But dont ask for like 1000 of leds you wont get them.Only ask them for how much do you need"

    My samples works:)


    5 years ago

    Good do you have to put business details as I know some only let you get samples If you are a business?