How to Get Good Pictures of Cats




Introduction: How to Get Good Pictures of Cats

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1. First, the things you need:
    A cat (s)
    A camera
    Cat toys
    A mouth
    Cat treats

2. The first thing you need to think about is what type of picture you want. Sometimes you just want your cat to look at the camera. Maybe you want a picture of them playing with a favorite toy. Well i can help whichever it is.

A. If you want a picture of your cat looking at you like in my first two pics, it's simple, You can wave a cat toy just above the camera's screen to get the cat's attention and make noises like hissing or whistleing or tweet like a bird ( i know its undignified but it works trust me ) or if that dosen't work you can dangle a treat above the camera and give it to them after you take the picture.

B. If you want a picture of your cat playing like my 3rd and 4th pics you just need to hold you camera with one hand or have it sit on a tri-pod you can just play with them and keep clicking the button to take repeated pics. Then when you are done you can sort through the pictures and delete the bad or blurry ones.

 Sometimes your cats just pose naturally or happen to roll when they or sleeping you can always run and get your camera to take a picture like in my last photo. A plus in doing this is you get to play with your cat at the same time.

P.S : This is in the photography challenge and the pets challenge so please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S : This is my first instructable so please be easy on the comments

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    She is beautiful cat, and i like your idea for a cat house. I hope i helped a little.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    maybe this would help to take a good cat picture