How to Get Grass Seeds Easily in Minecraft by the Epic One5




ok, so this is a tutorial by the_epic_one5, as you probably can tell. i will teach you how to get lots of grass seeds in minecraft really easily and fast.

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Step 1: Find a Nice Flat Plain Covered in Grass

like this for example

Step 2: Place a Water Bucket in the Middle of the Plain

note:don't feed your bucket to your pigs, we will need it for later.

Step 3: Use the Empty Bucket to Pick the Water Up Again

Step 4: Collect the Seeds That Came From the Plants Destroyed by the Water

Step 5: Repeat Until Desired Amount Reached


Step 6: FARMIN' TIME!!!

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    5 years ago

    Cool but I already knew but great ideas for beginners no offense. .. did you ever see a automatic farm? its pretty cool I will make an instructabels if not