How to Get Home in Night Without Getting Beaten Up




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Hello Everyone!

In this guide I will give you information how to get home in night, without getting beaten up or getting robbed.

Step 1: Moving

Okay. So you're just coming from movies, friend house, party or somewhere that has given you a reason to move out at dark.

Here are the basic rules to move around:

1. Use only(When i say only, i mean only! Remember Your life may be in danger) lighted streets/trails.

2. If You would usually go at day trough using an tunnel, at night those places are dangerous. There could be drug users, drunk people, or robbers, waiting just for someone to rob, possibly armed.

3. Walk with Your friends if possible, when leaving ask someone to come with you same way.

4. Avoid large groups of people that seems unfriendly, they could come and start beating You up.
if someone starts calling you, or starts to call you with names, just keep walking and if you feel so, run!

5. If you're using public transportation, sit near to the driver becose usually groups of teenagers and "bad" people will sit on the backseats.

6. Go around corners far away for the wall, so you can react if someones behind the corner.

7. Don't listen to music, or watch a movie same time when walking. This makes you a easy target as you cant see or hear the surroundings.

Okay, These are the major helps for moving around. Now please move on to next step.

Step 2: Surroundings

These are the rules for surroundings:

1. Check your surroundings constantly as you walk on.

2. Avoid dark areas.

3. Dont go to places if they look too scary, remember you can allways dodge them with a little circuit, remember its your life in game.

4. If you see an officer or an patrol car, you can allways ask them to escort you.

Step 3: Conclusion

With this guide You can now walk safer in streets.

But I suggest you to walk on daylight,but I like to walk in snowy streets of Tampere,Finland at night, Beautiful city..

You should take some self defence courses, if you need to constantly move at dark times and heres something to learn home

Safe walks!



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    21 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    very good

    this information is needed for a lot of people, If you were to be confronted though, I would suggest putting a link to the instructable:how to throw a punch
    If one is confronted, they should know how to protect themselves, especially if they will be going out at night.

    12 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. Keep yourself protected. I keep a knife or 2 on me everywhere except at school


    10 years ago on Introduction

    It's also worth mentioning things like don't dress too nicely if you're going to be in a bad area, don't flash things like expensive electronics like iPods, smartphones, etc. If you look like you belong there you're a lot less likely to have trouble.

    3 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You should carry a knife with you.don't give me"but it's a concealed weapon" my father and i carry knives everywhere,like kmart,lowes,bass pro, and never get in long as its 3 or less inches,i think its okay.