How to Take in the Elevator Backwards!

What do you need?
All you need is an elevator and yourself. 

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Step 1: Call the Elevator

Press the button next to the elevator to make it come to you

Step 2: Wait Until the Elevator Is There

If your local elevator is as slow as mine you'll have to wait for it to come

Step 3: Get Out the People Who Are in the Elevator

You may have to wait until the people who are in the elevator are out. 

Step 4: Turn Around

Turn around and prepare to get in the elevator in a total other dimension 

Step 5: Get in the Elevator Backwards

Step 6: Choose the Floor Where You Need to Be

Step 7: Keep Turning Your Back

the key is not to turn around

Step 8: Get Out of the Elevator Backwards

Step 9: Huray. Now You Have Succeeded in Your Purpose


Step 10: Advanced Version

If your feeling fine doing that you can always try different variation of this technique. Use your imagination! I suggest you should really try to climb the stairs backwards. 

Step 11: Walk on the Stairs Backwards

Watch out while trying this out! It's not as that easy as it looks. 

Step 12: Unbelievable

Now here you go! You can get as far as you want, also backwards. The other way, the easy way :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    :( I just wasted 2 minutes of my life. Guess it is instructable. I need to make one for chewing bubblegum ;-)