How to Get Outside If You Are a Pug




Introduction: How to Get Outside If You Are a Pug

Watch your humans to see how they get the door open and copy what they do. For example, if they turn the round thing in the middle of the door, then you must also turn the round thing in the middle of the door. As humans are taller than most pugs, sometimes you may have to improvise by standing on ledges or jumping on chairs in order to reach your goals. Always improvise, sometimes you can bark or just look cute to get a human to do what you need them to do to help you, for example open an outer door. But when no humans are around you could improvise to achieve your goal. For example, you could just jump through the part of the second door that looks like a see through mesh. Please note that causing a big gaping hole in the see through meshy thing can get you a time out in the kennel.......looking cute and getting a human to open the second door from the other side gets a much more favorable response...:)

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    6 years ago

    Are pugs actually "reading" this? Can dogs read?


    Very clever dog! So how many times did you have an escaped dog and think, "I was SURE I shut the door, how careless of me" before you caught Houdini in the act?

    We had a kitten that observed a two-door laundry pass-through being used (one time!) and figured it would make a good escape hatch. Luckily we saw her exploring the yard before a hawk did and caught her in the act re-escaping a few minutes later.