How to Get Rid of Cramps. Immediately!

Have you ever been in the middle of a run, bike ride, ect. and suddenly got a cramp? Use this simple trick, and rid your cramps forever! 

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Step 1: Pickles!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Pickles are the answer! Stop throwing the brine that comes with pickles away and keep it ! The brine is very acidic, and will eventually rust metal so store it in a glass container preferably with a locking plastic top. Do like I say, not as I do. 

Step 2: Take a Sip!

You only need a little. It doesn't taste too good, but it gets the job done! For major cramps try half centimetre in a glass, for minor cramps, try four two spoons. If your going for a long exercising period, bring a small flask of it with you! Once you have a quick sit, the cramp should go away within ten seconds. It really helps!

This is a real thing, and I'm not just making it up!

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    We do this in our house. Mah Hubz gets bad leg cramps. So we save back all the pickle juice (BIG jars we got from a local WinCo for under $3). He drinks a glass & cramps are gone almost instantly. He was reading up that most leg cramps are from potassium deficiency. Regardless, the pickle juice trick works better than anything else (and believe me, we've tried EVERYTHING else! lol).

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    I would think bananas would have way more potassium than pickle juice. Vinegar, salt, sugar, and cucumbers don't have potassium at all.

    It works, but if you want to prevent night leg cramps take two calcium tablets an hour before you go to sleep. I have not had night leg cramps even once since I started doing this.

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    My aunt swears that placing a small magnet under her pillow has always stopped her night time cramps.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Reading the study done with pickle juice, it would seem you don't actually have to swallow the juice for it to be effective. One reasearcher said he believed it worked so quickly because of receptors in the mouth triggering general muscle relaxation. So swishing it in your mouth then spitting it out would still give you the benefit. Unfortunately the study did not test that theory so who knows for sure, but it's worth a try for those concerned about salt intake.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I think that half centimetre in a glass is less than four table spoons...

    I like very much vinegar, often I drink a sip. Also I clean sometimes my teeth by swish with white vinegar.

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    Hmmm, yes. My glasses must be really wide. I guess it would actually whiten your teeth! I didn't think of that! Thanks!