How to Get Rid of Warts




Introduction: How to Get Rid of Warts

Have you ever had a wart that just won't go away? Ironically, the dandelion, another thing many people try to get rid of, can actually remove warts. I know, it sounds a bit crazy doesn't it; however, my brother has actually removed a wart this way. So what are we waiting for? Let's remove some warts!

Step 1: Go Find a Dandelion


With that being said go pick yourself a few dandelions, making sure to break them off just above ground level.

Step 2: The Treatment

Now pluck off the flower at the bottom, and squeeze the juices out of the stem and onto your wart. Then rub it in. Do this two to three times a day, and keep doing it until your wart goes away.

Step 3: Your Done!

That's it! It really is that simple to get rid of a wart! To think, those pesky dandelions really do have a purpose. Actually they have a lot of attributes aside from wart removal. One of those being that their "greens" are edible! So next time you see those pesky dandelions, don't spray them with chemicals. Just go out there and put them to good use!



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    Just light a wooden match, blow out the flame, and apply the (hot) match head to the wart. Press firmly. That patch of skin will die, a scab will form, and peel away. Presto, no more wart. Also, one more poor dandelion is spared....

    Use Compound W. Works better than any dandelion, duct tape remedy.. I've literally gotten rid of warts in like a few days. No joke..

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    This was a nice instructable about the medicinal qualities of plants.

    I bet you thing all vegetables are grown at the supermarket.

    Why would someone think that vegetables are grown at the supermarket?

    Why do you have to put shortiemctall down for just giving another idea for getting rid of warts? Typical cyberbullie......

    Compound W and Duct Tape for wart removal have been common knowledge for decades. This was an a New idea on natural wart removal which is the goal of this site. The reply from shortiemctall was short sighted and petty.

    Or just turn a air spray can upside down , spray a Qtip with cold vapor. Apply Q tip where needed for a twenty count twice. Wart falls off a couple days later.

    Wow, thanks for all of the positive comments.


    Thanks for this.......Lately have been looking up "weeds" and was really surprised that these pesky dandelions do have so much use. they make wonderful diurectics, salads, and teas. Their sap is used in folks medicine to relieve stinging nettle stings.

    Your little dandelion instructable is EPIC in my book. I am a great fan of the botanist-scientist George Washington Carver. He often wore a small flower on his lapel... maybe sometimes a dandelion flower. He was known to often say that, "A WEED is just a flower planted in the wrong place." Many plants that seem useless, have a use, but it has simply not been discovered yet. At the time of Mr Carver's life many scientists were promoting the idea of Eugenics (but NOT Mr Carver). They proclaimed that some PEOPLE were human weeds. This of course was a crazy idea, and led eventually to Hitler killing millions in ww2. That is why this instructable is EPIC! Many people in this world feel USELESS. But maybe they have simply not discovered their purpose yet. I am favoriting your instructable. Good Job.


    Cool! How long does it usually take to remove it completely?

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    I don't have warts, so I haven't used it myself, but it took my brother about a month. He didn't do it consistently though, so it probably took longer than it should have.