How to Get Started With Alchemy


Introduction: How to Get Started With Alchemy

I am making this Instructable not so much as a how-to but more of a guide.

I have received a huge influx of emails and messages asking how to start alchemy and telling me about your endeavors in the art. Some of them were more promising than others and I wish I could respond to every single one of them.

However, as a standing guide for beginners, I want to make this to cut down on the amount of emails asking the same question, so that way I can get to more emails.

Step 1: Books

Reading is essential. Books are one of the most valuable materials to mankind, and thus Alchemy. There are many books that I have read but the main ones I think are important are

Robert Allen Bartlett

-Real Alchemy

-The Way of the Crucible

Frater Albertus

-The Alchemist's Handbook

These books are the books that inspired the way that I live now. I suggest you read any of these to start.

*Note on The Way of the Crucible, it's a successor to Real Alchemy and contains more advanced teachings and concepts. Out of the two I would start with Real Alchemy.

Step 2: Schools

There are in fact schools specifically made for alchemical practices.

There are many teachers that have studied and practiced alchemy for years, including Robert Allen Bartlett himself, that will teach you to live the alchemical life. I suggest you check it out.

Step 3: FAQs

Now here are some FAQs that I get A LOT.

Q) How do you start in Alchemy?

A) You read this Instructable

Q) Is this anything like Fullmetal Alchemist?

A) Absolutely not. In fact, this question is the most insulting to me. The show is absolutely nothing like real alchemy. No, you cannot animate inanimate objects. No, making "Alchemy Circles" is not how we do our work. No no no no NO! Please never contact me with this question again. Comparing the complex and vast knowledge of Alchemy to a TV show insults me, my art, my intelligence, and the thousands of alchemists who have given up their lives to add to the pool of knowledge.

Not a question but still something I hear a lot) You don't need the spirituality to perform Alchemy.

A) Wrong. That statement is completely and utterly false. Without the spirituality of the Art, you have science. You cannot have true alchemy without spirituality. It simply is not true and that is final.

A) Why do you not update more often?

Q) I don't update often because I don't have much time. I am torn between work, school and other obligations that I can't keep up with this site.

Another reason is that I am fully aware that anyone can access this site. Including minors. So I have a responsibility to provide as much information as I can without making it unsafe for minors. I also have a responsibility to not divulge too much. Many alchemists and my colleagues are frankly angry with me that I even put a tutorial of how to make a Spagyrical Elixir. If I divulge too much, I might even put myself at risk. So I think long and hard about what I put on this site, and think about the unintended dangers I may put my readers in.

Q) I'm X years old and wanna learn achemy.

A) If you're under 21 years old, you shouldn't be attempting alchemy. I myself an under that threshold but I understand all the dangers that are associated with these practices. I'm sorry to say, but if you are less than 16 you should abandon the idea of alchemy for a few years. It's something harsh to say, but you need to truly understand what you are about to enter.

Q) Do you know how to make the Philosopher's Stone?

A) I can neither confirm nor deny knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone

Q) So is the Philosopher's Stone the end goal of Alchemy?

A) No. The end goal of Alchemy is to evolve yourself and evolve nature.

Step 4: In Conclusion

I hope that this has answered many questions and concerns about alchemy. I understand that this won't necessarily help the problem, but I hope it makes an impact.



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    23 Discussions

    Hi I’m under 16 years of age and you said it’s bad to start now so I was wondering what are the risks of starting now, and if there is any way to overcome them.


    Question 2 months ago

    where can someone get an alchemy book? Bookstore?

    I'll start off by saying i'm not alchemist or studying. I'm simply intrigued for a few simple philsofical reasons art wise.

    My question is this, does the symbol for fire and the symbol for silver balance each other ?

    I'm using the triangle as fire and want to substitute the silver symbol instead of the moon symbol. I want to represent the male aspect with fire and female with silver.

    Or am I well off base here?


    3 years ago

    Hello. I was just wondering if theres was any book that explains alchemy in a really simple way. I was always fascinated by this subject, though i wasnt the best student at my time. I would like to learn more about the matter, and if possible try to make something out of it. Ive seen a book called -Real Alchemy - a prime of pratical alchemy by Robert allen bartlet, and i thought it could be a good start, but i saw this post and i my be wrong and its always good to talk to someone with experience. Thanks for your help

    2 replies

    Think of Alchemy like the Matrix... you can not be told what Alchemy is.... you must see it for yourself!

    Sorry i didnt notice the part with the books. Forget what i said ahah. I'll go with the one i was talking about and progress after that. Thanks for the post.

    I'm sure I know what Alchemy is. I am currently on the path to getting the Philosophers stone. I am about ready to start creating the stone. Still studying all the ingredients for it. The Meditation Tutorial you did helped.

    I cringe when people ask if this is like the show full metal alchemist, if people could walk around slap there hands to the ground and repair a clock then there would be a lot of carpenters out of jobs. The show is really good and can teach you some cool lessons but they do leave out a lot of basic rules about alchemy such as Mercury, sulfur, and salt.

    why do you have to be older than 16? what are the risks?

    Is um alchemy part of potion making? Cuz if sooo...yay cuz I'm 12 and is very good at making any tipe of potion

    2 replies

    Did you notice when he said "if you are less than 16 you should abandon the idea of alchemy for a few years"?

    You can learn to spell and of bubble bath is a potion yes , yes you are gifted

    hello and thank you very much I wish to do that I am a begginger thanks

    Is um alchemy part of potion making? Cuz if sooo...yay cuz I'm 12 and is very good at making any tipe of potion

    i am very well aware of what i can get my self into and the consequence. i am 13 i just want to do alchemy i have my reasons

    2 replies

    If you think you will be like the full metal alchemist, then you are her for the wrong resion

    no. Thats not real alchemy. that is just an anime calling it alchemy. I want to learn actual alchemy