How to Get Started With PICAXE 08M Microcontroller

This is instructable for how to get started with PICAXE 08M microcontroller.
To get started, you need:

- 08M Protoboard or same kind of board (Can be homemade)
- AXE027 USB Cable
- 3V Power supply

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Step 1: Connect the Led to Pin 4

Just  connect cathode lead to Ground, and anode lead to pin 4 of the microcontroller like this:

Step 2: Connect the Power and the Cable

Connect the power, and plug the cable to the socket.
Then open PICAXE Programming Editor.
If you don't have it, download it from

Step 3: Write the Code and Press "Program"

Write this code to the editor:

high 4 'LED on
pause 1000 'Pause 1 second
low 4 'LED off
pause 1000 'Pause 1 second
goto main 'Repeat

Then press the "Program" button on the top.

Step 4: Watch Your LED Blinking!

It is ready now, good luck for future!

PICAXE Downloads -
PICAXE Manuals -

All the links you need to order, download, and study PICAXE!

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hey! It's just plugged to usb port of the computer after you installed the drivers. If installing drivers is hard, I can make another Instructable!