How to Get Super Glue Off Your Fingers




Introduction: How to Get Super Glue Off Your Fingers

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Hi guys I am going to show you how to easily get dried up super glue off your fingers it is surprisingly easy.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

1. Super glue (if you are looking at this you probably already got it on your fingers)

2. Salt

3. Water

Step 2: Apply the Salt

Dip your fingers that have super glue on them in water then put a small pile of salt on the super glue add some more water on the salt and rub the salt firmly in to the glue for about 1 minute it should look like a white paste.     

Step 3: Wash Your Hand

Wash the salt off your hand and the glue should be all gone.



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    I can’t imagine what effect salt has on cynaoacrylate, no matter how hard I try. My (much less painful) method for removing CA from my hands: I rub the nearest oily substance into it. These include live oil, peanut butter, bacon fat, chicken fat, corn oil, azulene oil (used after waxing my legs), makeup remover, etc. Loosens right up, and no pain from rubbing salt into abrasions. It’s so easy that I don’t bother getting irritated by gluing myself together anymore.

    you are a super genius. I was suppose to make noodles for an ill friend and decided something just had to be glued first. glued my midle and ring finger from nail to hand together. acetone didn't work. salt and water and 1 minute exactually worked. thank you sooooo much.

    salt and water forms a paste? what salt r u eating dude?

    I’m found that using a nail file or a foot stone to work alit better than salt and it also didn’t sting nearly as bad and the salt

    Okay guys, I was gluing a ceramic plaque using gorilla glue and it ended up all over my fingers, so since it was too late at night, I simply washed my hands and didn't bother to try and take it off. My hands felt rough and yucky in the morning, so I tried your salt magic and..... voilà!! Not only did the glue come off, but I got a great exfoliation in the process. My pretty hands felt super smooth! Yaaayyyy....

    "Really worked" ........rub the salt slowly-firmly in to the glue for about 2 minutes..Thanks to "Turbofish in Cleaning"

    this method did not work. I used a razor to scrape it off. I am only 10

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    If you're only 10, maybe you ought not play with razors. Ask your parents for help next time.

    Also, you can usually peel it off just fine with tweezers or teeth, it just takes a while.

    I used soap and warm water, work pretty well, Andy I used my long nails to get the glue off wasn't that painful I feel for you. I am only 12

    So, I craft a lot. And my latest project left several whole fingers
    covered in super glue on the backside(the rough side) because I'm clumsy
    and working fast. Okay, fine.
    I tried this, thinking that maybe the salt would soften or dissolve the super glue.

    ... well it worked. But the salt didn't remove the superglue by dissolving or softening.
    shortly about me. I have psoriasis which is a genetic illness that
    means your skin falls off before it's fully done regenerating the skin
    underneath it. So in times of "outbreak", my hands or whatever else are
    covered in exposed semi-generated skin in the form of rashes, and my
    skin is sensitive.
    And I just roughly exfoliated my hands with kitchen salt and proceeded to rub it into exposed rashes.
    That was, mildly speaking, not that fun.
    while this works, do not do it if your skin is very irritated or you
    have cuts or rashes......... unless you can take some pain.

    On the plus side, my hands look great.

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    Unfortunately this process did not work for me, but it did work for my daughter. I believe the process is right, though. I'm a Type 1 Diabetic, and a lot of things don't work for me because of the Diabetes. My daughter got great results from it, Thank you so much!

    Did work and worked well thanks

    Try again........I know it has been two years, but no harm in having another go ;-)

    It worked for me, i soaked my hands in hot water for a while then i dried them off, and then i dipped the glue spots in water and rubbed the salt on for a minute and lastly washed my hands ???

    The glue I was using had 'alpha ethyl cyanoacrylate' and polymathy methcrylate'. Acetone did not work, soaking in hot soapy water did not work. This worked wonderfully and fast! Glad I don't have psoriasis though.

    It worked! The key is keeping the glued fingers in motion.

    Searched through all ways, some would work, and some wouldn't, so I found

    the one to work in anyway, when you get your hands all over with super glue. You can also check out, there' a step by step guidance:

    Hey Guys, try soaking your fingers or if it's something that is a place you cant soak try this you can also try get a damp cloth soaking in acetone fingernail polish it has to be acetone wet the cloth or towel paper down Squeeze it over the glue and soak continue doing this until it feels that I'm a licensed cosmetologist I know this will work it may take a couple applications be patient depending on how much you have on it will vary on how long will take you to get this off.
    Have a good day!

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    Polish remover got my fingers unstuck but the salt and water took all the glue off in less than 3 minutes