How to Get the New 2010


Introduction: How to Get the New 2010

 Mark from MJGizmos teaches you how to get the unannounced but leaked and rumored Redesign. Google has redesigned all aspects of their site, and today I will be showing you all how to get it now. 



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     figured it out, copy paste from youtube adds spaces to the code.

     awesome... sorry about that. Please subscribe to the youtube channel!

    Why subscribe to a Youtube channel when you posted this on INSTRUCTABLES?  Can't you just post the information on this website instead?

    As it sits, this is borderline SPAM.

    Especially at the end of the video when you ask for us to go off-site, and subscribe to you. Free or not, still spam.

    At the least, post that javascript code in your 'ible so we don't have to go to ThatOtherSite to benefit from the instructions.