How to Get the Exterior of Your House Ready for Spring in 3 Easy Steps

A little sprucing up can go a long way when it comes to the exterior of your home.

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Step 1: ​Make a Place to Sit


When creating a place to sit it is important to keep these things in mind:

· Exterior wood needs to be treated or naturally resistant to decay 

· A roof can give you a nice place to sit in the shade, avoid bird droppings or a light rain

· If you build a structure yourself make sure to work with your local building department to make sure your structure is built to code and safe for your family and friends.

Step 2: Repair Damaged or Missing Areas of Siding and Trim

Things to consider while repairing your siding and trim:

· If you are patching large areas of missing or deteriorated siding you should install a house wrap over the sheathing

· Used wood grip split less siding nails when working with cedar siding

· Caulk gaps or cracks in the siding

Step 3: Add Some Paint

Some things to consider when painting:

· Scrape loose paint

· Prime bare wood

· Pick colors that will look good with your roof and neighborhood

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Holly crap, that was a lot of work you put into the house, and it looks nothing like what it was before! Great job!