How to Get Your Kids to Answer the Phone!

Introduction: How to Get Your Kids to Answer the Phone!

When playing games my son is dead to the world.  It takes herculean methods to get his attention, i.e. turning off the TV.  And when his friends call,  I have to answer and get his attention.   This posed a question.  How can I get my kid to move without my intervention?

As a parent, I have made it a point to use my sons name "Matt' when addressing him. since he was born.  I believe I have successfully conditioned him to answer to his own name.  

Step 1: Program the Phone

We got a new phone.  It has a nice feature, it calls out the name  associated with the caller ID.   So instead of the callers name I put in "Matt its Carson" or "Matt its Alec"  etc. for all his friends.  Hopefully my years of brain washing him will bear fruit.

Step 2: Now the Kid Answers!

Believe it or not, this works!  Now he answers the phone!

When it quits working, I'll have to  do something else.

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