How to Get Your Music Back Off Your Ipod.. FREE!




Introduction: How to Get Your Music Back Off Your Ipod.. FREE!

Basically, Ipods Don't let you re import the music off of it, they only let you delete it.

For example, If you where to put you're favorite songs on your Ipod, but then, accidentally delete them all off of your computer. So you sat there in a bad mood and it hit you, My Ipod still has all my music! I can just re-import in from my ipod! Thats when you would go into iTunes and see if you could drag them out of your Ipods library into your iTunes library, but no Apple didn't want to make it this easy for some obvious reasons.

But here is how you can do it Free without any software.

Step 1: First

First you want to go to your desktop an locate your "Start" Button, click on it, and click on My Computer

Step 2: Secent

After opening the folder, My Computer, you want to find the folder that is for your iPod. In my case its "MR" Once you have completed this, Open it.

Step 3: Thirdly

Once the folder is open, Find the "Tools" and select "Folder Options"

Step 4: Fourthly

Once the Folder Options are opened, Select the View Tab, then find the sup folder "Hidden Files and Folders" and select "Show hidden Files and Folders" once completed click "OK"

Step 5: Fifthly

Now that you can see the Hidden folders, locate the folder named "iPod_Control" and open it.

Step 6: Sixthly

Now locate Music and open it.

Step 7: Seventhly

There are whole bunch of sub folders to select from so I just picked any random one which just so happened to be F31.

After opening a folder you will see the odd names of songs, and hopefully the Artists as well. To tell what it is drag it some where and open it with iTunes. There it will give you the full name of the song, and the artist.

If you are here to import all the songs, Create a folder on the desktop and copy all of the sub folders into it. You then want to go to iTunes, go under "Files" then select "Add Folder to Library" and add, in my case, "F00," "F01," "F02" extra till you do all of the sub folders.

Quick suggestion; After you get the files into iTunes, I would suggest that you Consolidate your library. So you can move and or delete the music files and not worry about them no longer playing.



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    Most excellent.

    Just did this windows 10 and it worked. To display hidden files and folders click file > Change folder and search options. Switch to the view tab and then everything else is exactly the same.


    Honestly, there's no point. This instructable is so outdated for current iPod technology that it no longer works unless you have working original ipods (first and second Gen classics). And, I refuse to upgrade to Windows 10.

    If you need to recover information I suggest an application called 'ifunbox'

    Good luck and take care.


    2 years ago

    This didn't work on Windows 10. I ended up using third party software, TouchCopy, which worked perfectly!


    Does this also work if their is music on my iPod with lim wire music on it, I know that this feel is from forever ago I'm praying your still here lol

    2 replies

    I'm afraid this method is no longer effective unless you are using a first or maybe second day Gen ipod like the classics. Nowadays I would recommend getting some free software called 'ifunbox' which can remove information from your Apple devices.

    Hope this helps.

    There are a lot of programs to use now a days, back when I posted this more years ago then I'd like to count this was the only way unless you wanted to buy some software

    I've already tried this but the songs are in the .m4p format (Itunes protected format) when I try to play the songs the ITunes declares that I don't have permission.......*sigh*

    9 replies

    i agree. unfortunately, it's thew only legal, ipod and video compatible system that i know of.

    ya, i would use limewire, or something, but thanks to my o so snoopy parents and that stupid voice in my head (you can also thank my parents for that) i can't.