Make EXTRA MONEY Creating Cool Stickers in Telegram




Introduction: Make EXTRA MONEY Creating Cool Stickers in Telegram

This instructable will show you How to create and publish Stickers in Telegram from scratch.

First of all you'll going to need:

  1. Computer with Illustrator
  2. Sheet of paper
  3. Pencil, pen or marker
  4. Camera/scanner
  5. Telegram web version
  6. Creative Market Speech Bubble pack
  7. Baystyle Typeface

Step 1: Sketching Our Sticker

Since we're going to make our own stickers pack, I decided to create a drawing of my invention to avoid infringe copyright. When drawing, try to close all the strokes, and remark the outline since this is going to work as a basis to create our image vector with illustrator. I created a not very elaborate drawing to make it easier.

Step 2: Scan/take a Picture of Your Sketch

Then, we need to scan or take a photo with a HQ camera to create a digital version of our sketch and open it in illustrator. What I'm going to do is to create a new file in illustrator and then put our sketch in a new layer. I'm using a 512 px canvas because that is the size required by telegram for the stickers.

Step 3: Outline the Main Parts of Our Sketch

This is so easy, I'm only going to use the ellipse tool to create the face of my drawing and then the pencil tool for the other parts. I'm using a different layer for each of the shapes.

Step 4: Color Your Shapes

You only need to set the shapes you created with the color fill you like the most and remove the stroke.

Step 5: Placing the Bubble Message

I decided to put a message saying "I love you" for our telegram stickers Pack. I used the free resource from Creative Market Speech Bubble pack for the bubble message and the Baystyle Typeface for the font.

Step 6: Saving Your Image As Png

It's important to save our picture as png, since we don't want any background.

Step 7: Create a New Stickers Pack in Telegram

We are about to finish, we only need to go to telegram and search @stickers and start a new conversation with the "stickers bot". It will answer automatically and you need to follow the directions. Actually if you consider your stickers are a great art work you can sell them to telegram for 100 USD.

Step 8: Have a Lot of Fun Using Them! :)

Send it to your friends, create viral stickers! :D

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