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Introduction: How to Grow Garlic

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A guide on how to grow Garlic .
I plant Garlic twice a year. In Early spring and in late September. There are several types of garlic.
  Softneck garlic  -which is the garlic in which you see at your typical grocery store.

Artichoke garlic  - is  a milder flavor garlic that can be stored up to eight months.

silverskin garlic  -  Is a easy to grow  garlic with a strong taste and stores up to 12 months.

The pictures shown  here planting the garlic are a silver skin  type. They were planted 2 weeks ago .They should be ready by  early september .

 The pictures where the garlic stalks that are about 10 inches high were planted last year in september.They will be ready in late july..


Step 1: Materials

(1) recycled box from the local fruit market

(2) 1 bag peat moss

(3)  4 bags garden soil

(4)  10 clothes of garlic from last years crop

Step 2: Planting the Garlic

First  start by putting a  8 inch layer of garden soil in the bottom of the garlic box  .
Then i put 5 inches of peat moss on top if that . Then finish filling the box with more top soil.
To plant the garlic  stick your finger in the soil up to your second knuckle  on your index finger .
 Drop the garlic in   ( TIP UP)  the hole and cover lightly with soil.

Step 3: Watching Them Grow

After about two weeks you will start to see a green finger  come out of the soil.

Step 4: Last Years Crop

 Here are pictures of last years crop we planted last September .They should be ready about the end of July.  

  If you would like to see my above ground garden  please click here .

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I live in Oregon where we get about 30 inches of rain between September and April. should i shield them from the rain or will they we okay to get rain. we don't get snow but it may freeze 2 or 3 times throughout all winter. Do you have any suggestions i want to plant this september

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if it rains that much build a above ground garden that way the access rain will leak out

I'm finding lately the stalks are unable to hold the weight of the leaves.. is there possibly lack of nutrients?or do I need to bury the garlic cloves deeper?

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your soil is not deep enough. if the tips turn yellowish you need to add nitrogen

first worry about your soul it has to be very loose so the bulbs can grow big. 2nd garlic is very nitrogen hungry! I use blood meal twice a season

Hi everyone im new here and to gardening I was woundering how do you know if your garlic is getting to much light or water and if its not enough. Its growin curly but is saging alil but still strong but look like its also geting weak what do I dooo ahh please help..

I would like to see pictures of the garlic right before you harvest. I want to see what it looks like. I've tried planting it several times now. It grows, but never get a bulb on top, and for some reason, the growth fizzles before harvest time. If I keep killing everything before I get to eat any of it, I'm gonna quit trying to garden and resolve myself to just having a black thumb...:(

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It depends if you are planting softneck or hardneck garlic. Softneck looks like a scallion and is ready when 2/3 of the leaves turn brown. Hardneck has a scape in the middle that looks like a big straw and there is a small clove at the top. I'm not sure if every variety of hardneck does this. Make sure you have adequate drainage and let the bed dry before you harvest.

Im not sure where you live but here in upstate ny you plant in the fall (late september) and in july harvest it . One thing about garlic is you cant use store bought garlic. It doesnt work .It has been treated with something to keep it fresh that wont let it grow. I go around the the different farmers and buy from them . The farmers purposely buy from other farmers .They say its good to switch from different places . Why im not sure .

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Here in Pittsburgh garlic is planted on Columbus day and harvested on July 4th. I have also found that garlic from the farmer's market works better than garlic I would buy in a package. At this point I always buy from the farmer's market towards the end of their season. They can tell me exactly what type of garlic it is. Also, because it has been grown locally I am sure that it is good for my planting zone.

Yes this is true .Each area's season is a little different,We plant the beginning of october and harvest about the 3rd week in july.

This is a wonderful Instuctable!! I just wanted to tell you that I do grow them from store bought garlic. I get medium sized heads... I'll try some real "seed" cloves in the fall in order to compare the results. Thank you for posting :)

I love this. Garlic is a nice one to gift too, everyone uses it.

We actually use the greens, they have a milder flavor but you don't have to dug up the bulbs to use them.

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I might give this a try next year. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

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