How to Have a 1940s Retro Wedding!

The look is the important part.  Make sure you have a fashion idea to start with.  Mine was to have the guys in cabbie hats, the groomsmen in vests as the groom wore suspenders to have his attire be different so he stood out.  My dress I kept simple but elegant... can't go wrong with lace. I did research of the style dresses of the 40s and went with the high neck button front. I also had a 1940s hairstyle with a birdcage veil with an accenting fascinator. My bridesmaids had their own choice of a 40s style dress.. and they added a 40s hat and fascinator with a 1940s style hair and make up to tie in their look.. as well as retro style shoes. I kept the flowers simple with only the girls holding daisies.

If your pictures can be retro'd up and looks authentic then you know you've pulled it off.((Photos attached))

Photos attached of the finished look.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Truly beautiful! How nice to remember the simplre times of the past in today's hectic world! Well done!



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nicely done! Someday soon my dear daughter is likely to bring home some BOY, and I'm collecting ideas for her as I run across them. Her creativity and style suggest this might be right up her alley. I really appreciate your work on the nice wedding and in posting this for us.

    And best wishes, too!